The Best Daycares in OH! Towns Near Oshawa
OH! Towns
best daycares near oh! towns

When it comes to learning and playing, you want nothing but the best for your child. Whether it’s an after-school program or before your child is of school age, they need a top-notch environment to play and grow! Luckily, some of the best daycares are right near OH! Towns in Oshawa. Here are five highly-rated daycares less than 20 minutes away.

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Get the Most Relaxing Home Possible By Using Mindful Interior Design
Design & Decor
mindful interior design

Between work, commuting, family, and friends, our lives are busier than ever. So, it’s essential to take the time to de-stress and unwind. One of the best ways to do that is to create the most relaxing home possible using mindful interior design. To help you, we’ve come up with five fabulous ways you can use this technique to make your home a sanctuary of relaxation.

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Falconcrest’s Year in Review
Community & Lifestyle
Falconcrest's year in review

We can hardly believe 2019 is already over! This year was filled with planning our communities, dealing with after-sales services, and our favourite part, working with first-time and experienced homebuyers to their utmost satisfaction. As a way to wish 2019 farewell and usher in a new year, we’re recapping the best parts of our business with Falconcrest’s year in review!

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6 Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas
Design & Decor
easy holiday decorating

‘Tis the season! Part of the fun of the holidays is breaking out the decorations. Although each year brings its own holiday traditions, it’s always fun to update your decorations too. This year you and your whole family can get into the festive spirit with these six easy holiday decorating ideas.

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What to Replace and What to Keep When Moving into a New Home
Home Improvement
what to keep when moving into a new home

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger place, or relocating to a new city, moving is an exciting milestone! It’s also the perfect opportunity to sort through your stuff and decide what to keep and what to replace. Not only can you cut down on clutter but you can earn some extra cash when you sell unwanted items. To make the decision process easier, here’s what you should keep and what you should replace when moving into a new home.

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How to Coordinate Selling Your House with Buying a New Construction Home
Savvy Buyer
coordinate selling your house with buying

Congratulations on purchasing a new construction home! But, before you move you need to sell your current house. Coordinating selling your house with buying can be stressful! However, with a little planning and by following our tips below both transactions can run smoothly.

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6 Tips to Keep Your House Warm Without Turning Up the Heat
Community & Lifestyle
keep your house warm

As the temperature drops, your heating bills tend to go up. In fact, about 60% of your annual hydro bill goes toward heating your home. Fortunately, we have six tips that will keep your house warm without turning up the heat. 

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Best Places for Weekend Shopping Near OH! Towns in Oshawa
In the neighbourhood

Are you looking for the best weekend shopping near OH! Towns? Fortunately, you don’t have to look more than ten minutes away! There’s a vast selection of shopping opportunities from malls to shoe stores and thrift stores. So, read on to find what made our list for best places to shop near OH! Towns.

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Fun Milton Extracurricular Activities for Kids
Savvy Owner
milton extra-curricular activities

Milton is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing communities, so it’s no surprise that many new families are moving here. If you’re new to Milton or just want to discover new activities for your children, then read on for fun Milton extracurricular activities that kids of all ages will enjoy! 

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Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful All Year Round
Fall Lawn Care

Did you know fall is the perfect time for lawn care? Not only does it prepare your lawn for next spring, but by following these fall lawn care tips, your yard will be a beautiful place to retreat to and relax until the first snowfall!

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