Interior design is always changing and adapting to match the latest popular trends in decor and finishings. 2018 has started off with an old decor style making its way back into the spotlight. Tiling and mosaic are slowly starting to reappear as a popular addition to different rooms in the house. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this 2018 trend of tiles and mosaic into your home.

Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash of your kitchen is the area situated directly behind your sink. Traditionally, this part of your kitchen is designed to be waterproof, or water resistant to protect it from potential splashing from the sink. Due to the waterproof nature of tiles, they make the perfect material for this area of your kitchen, and if the right colours and patterns are installed, they can become a nice colour statement for the room. Protect the wall behind your sink, and brighten your kitchen up a little by installing a tile or mosaic backsplash.

Tiles in the Entryway

The entrance to your home is the first room all your guests see. It is the room that greets everyone and gives them a taste for what your entire home is like. Greet your visitors in style, and install a patterned tile floor in your entryway. The water resistant properties of tiling make it the perfect material to stand the test of wet shoes and boots, and when arranged in the correct pattern, it can give your entryway a grandiose look.

Mosaic as a Transition

Flooring in a home can become an eye catching addition if it is planned the right way. A new trend that is becoming popular is using a mosaic pattern between two different rooms. The pattern creates a separation between the two different floor types, and offers a smooth transition from one room to the other. The intricate pattern catches the eye of a passer by and will catch the attention of your house guests.

Tile Floor in the Laundry Room

Give your laundry room an upgrade, and lay a tile floor. This trend is making laundry rooms everywhere look fresh, clean, and new. Giving your laundry room this simple makeover will make the room feel brighter, enticing you to spend more time getting your chores done. The clean, neat tiles are also easy to clean in the event of a spill, and won’t get damaged if they get wet. It is the perfect way to upgrade your laundry room.

Tile in the Basement

An advantageous property of tile is its ability to withstand moisture. Basements retain more moisture than the rest of your house; therefore, laying a tile floor in the basement is the perfect way to avoid a flooring disaster in the future. The various colours and patterns you can create with tiles make it very versatile, so you can customize how you want your basement floor to look. Whether it is a simple design, or a complex mosaic style, a tile floor on the lower level of your house is practical and chic.

Fireplace Mosaic

The fireplace is the perfect focal point for any room, and with a mosaic border, it emits a feeling of style and class, alongside the comfort a fireplace brings. Add that chic look by customizing a pattern that either covers the entire mantel, or simply frames the door nicely. Regardless of what you choose for your fireplace, creating a mosaic around it will make it a beautiful focal point for the room it is in.

Keeping up with the trends is important in keeping your home up to date, and tile is a very popular trend for 2018. Regardless of whether you are upgrading your laundry room, or giving your entryway a new look, tile is a material that is versatile, and has an appealing look to it. For more ideas on how to use tile or mosaic in your home, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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