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Kitchen Backsplash: Mosaic Tile Vs. Natural Stone
Design & Decor

Mosaic Tile Vs. Natural Stone

The elegance and design of your kitchen is achieved through a combination of many factors, including how well your backsplash compliments the interior decor of the room. Though there are many different choices for backsplash, two of the current trending styles are mosaic tile and natural stone. Before you make your choice, ensure that you are informed about the benefits as well as the disadvantages of each. Here is some information on mosaic tile vs. natural stone backsplashes.

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Pros and Cons to Hiring an Interior Designer
Design & Decor

Hiring an Interior Designer

Buying a new home can be an exciting new experience for you and your family, and it provides you with the opportunity to design, decorate, and ultimately create the home you have always dreamed of. While some people choose to do all the interior decorating on their own, it is also common to hire an interior designer, taking all of the hard work off your shoulders. Before you decide which route to take, here are a few pros and cons to hiring an interior designer.

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Our Top Picks for Schools Near Old Colony Estates in Whitby
Community & Lifestyle

Schools Near Old Colony Estates in Whitby

Ensuring that your child receives the highest quality education is an important factor in raising them to be successful later in life.Choosing the correct school can have a major influence on their education, so it is important that you are aware of the best schools in your area. Here are our top picks for schools near Old Colony Estates in Whitby.

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European Kitchen Design Trends that Canadians are Loving
Design & Decor

European Kitchen Design Trends

A European kitchen design is well known for its features, including signature hardware, stunning faucets, and an overall modern look. Lately, these famous kitchen trends have been making their way across the ocean, and have become increasingly popular among Canadians. Here are some European kitchen design trends that Canadians are loving.

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