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Quality Public Schools Next to Royal Oaks
Community & Lifestyle
schools next to royal oaks

Part of what makes your dream home is the community, and part of what makes a great community is easy access to quality public schools. Luckily, you won’t have difficulty finding some of the best public schools just minutes from Royal Oaks. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of top schools in Oakville just minutes away! 

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studying nook
How to Create a Cozy Studying Nook in Your Home for Students
Design & Decor

Do you have a student living at home? Are textbooks and papers strewn across your dining room table? Create a cozy studying nook in your home to curb the mess and help your child succeed. A well-designed studying nook will elevate the space and leave your child feeling much more organized and stress-free. Plus, we’ve made it easy with our checklist – so read on to learn how to create a cozy studying nook in your home.

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Local Oshawa Businesses to Support Next to Park & Lake
Community & Lifestyle
businesses to support next to park & lake

The ongoing pandemic has made a significant impact on small businesses around the world. Now more than ever, we feel the importance of coming together to show support for our community. Purchasing locally is one of the best ways to keep small businesses running! Have you been searching for some local businesses to support in Oshawa? Read below to learn about five locally owned businesses less than 10 minutes away from Park & Lake.

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5 Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs
Savvy Owner
benefits of moving to the suburbs

Do you recognize that? The lightness in the air, the vast areas of land, the feeling of peace — oh yeah, it’s the suburbs! City living is beginning to quiet down, and people are flocking to the suburbs. Understandably so, since this area provides a variety of advantages. Read on to learn our top five benefits of moving to the suburbs. 

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