benefits of moving to the suburbs

Do you recognize that? The lightness in the air, the vast areas of land, the feeling of peace — oh yeah, it’s the suburbs! City living is beginning to quiet down, and people are flocking to the suburbs. Understandably so, since this area provides a variety of advantages. Read on to learn our top five benefits of moving to the suburbs. 

Affordable Homes 

Suburban living is becoming much more popular, with new communities flourishing! One of the reasons for this sudden increase in popularity is the unaffordability of city living. Fortunately, buying in a suburb is often more affordable than city home prices. You can get the same conveniences and an excellent location for a fraction of the cost! With the Toronto housing market prices skyrocketing, buying a suburban home just makes sense.

More Space 

One of the main reasons people rush to the suburbs is the amount of space! No longer will you be on top of your neighbours or lacking an outdoor area in the warmer months. You’ll get more home space – both indoors and out, for a much more affordable price. Having a backyard is essential for raising children — which we’ve realized even more during this pandemic. Take advantage of having an outdoor space, buy a BBQ, plant a garden and splurge on that swing set! 

More Green Space and Less Traffic 

The suburbs also provide a tranquil element that the city just can’t compete with. The green space allows for vast hill views and an opportunity to own more land. You get fresher air quality with lower levels of congestion. Traffic is minimal, and the roads can accommodate the existing population due to the space between properties. No more experiencing traffic jams in the early afternoon like you would in the city! 

Excellent Public and Private Schools

The suburbs provide an excellent variety of public and private schools, including boarding schools. Each community has a nearby public school and community center, making your commute to school that much easier! Often, children will walk to school in groups from their nearby neighborhoods. The element of safety you feel in the suburbs is essential for raising a family. 

Easy Access to Many Amenities 

With every development built in the suburbs comes a variety of amenities surrounding it! A wide range of superstores, entertainment centers, and restaurants can be found within 15 minutes of the community. No matter where you are located, you will have the opportunity to access multicultural restaurants, entertainment, and grocery options just a short drive away. There is no shortage of possibilities when moving to the suburbs! 

From affordable homes to excellent schools and all the amenities you need, there’s no arguing that moving to the suburbs comes with many benefits. To learn more about moving to the suburbs or Falconcrest Homes, visit our blog.