choosing a paint colour

Choosing a paint colour can either feel exciting or like the most challenging decision in the home renovation process! Luckily, it means your renovation is almost complete, right? Whether it’s an office space, a bedroom, or a children’s room, there are many options to choose from — and an even more extensive array of hues. Before beginning, here are 5 things to consider before choosing a paint colour.


Lighting plays a vital role in the decision. If a room gets flooded with natural light — it may come off paler than the swatch. On the other hand, if you’re painting a darker room, keep in mind the colour may come off more vibrant than initially imagined. Paint can look very different depending on the light, so it is crucial to test it out at various hours of the day before committing to the entire paint job!

Adjacent rooms

In open-concept homes, many walls are painted identically to continue the natural flow within the home. A big decision is whether you would like to paint the spaces different colours to offer separation or continue with one colour throughout. In this case, choosing a complementary neutral tone for each floor can add a unique touch while maintaining flow within the house.

The Size of the Room

The size of a room may determine whether the paint looks brighter or darker! It is important to remember that dark colours in large rooms draw the room in (along with low-level lighting), creating a cozier and more intimate space. Lighter colours can enhance openness even if you are not working with an open concept space.

Your Current Decor

How does the paint look with your current surrounding furniture? Think about complementary colours, tones, and patterns when choosing the right paint colour! Don’t forget the artwork and the many accessories, which give the room ambiance and unique touch. Imagine it complete — how will it look as a whole?

The Future

Planning ahead may help you make a strategic paint decision. Do you plan to sell your home soon? If so, can it be repurposed down the road into a spare bedroom? An office? A nursery? Thinking ahead can save you — and future buyers — time and money down the road. This may add value to your home without you even knowing it yet!

Luckily, paint is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to transform an entire room – and with these tips, you’re sure to create a stunning space without the hassle! For more great interior design tips, don’t forget to read the Falconcrest Homes blog!

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