Popular Decorating Styles

The interior of your home is an expression of your style preferences and personality. In the decor business, there are certain styles that have their own names, and each one of them has a certain charm about them. If you are planning on decorating, and are unsure about what these styles mean, here are 8 popular decorating styles explained to assist you in choosing which one you prefer.


The industrial style of interior finishing is inspired by the turn of the century industrial era. It is characterized by exposed brick walls, distressed wood, and exposed steel elements. This style is one that is pleasing to the eye and gives the interior of your home a comfortable, but rugged look.


Drawing inspiration from the traditional New England Beach House, the nautical theme uses white or cream coloured hues, accented with light and dark blue to create a relaxing, warm, and positive atmosphere, reminiscent of the comfort you would find at a beach house on the coast. The furniture and decor used for this style can incorporate unfinished wood, with chic linens and upholstery for any lounge seats or sofas. The decorative accents can include sea shells, oars, sailboats, or jute ropes. This style is the perfect option to create a beach oasis right in your own home.


Carefree and adventurous spirits are reflected through the Bohemian interior design style. The combination of rich patterns and vibrant colours like red and purple strategically placed in layers, give this style a purposeful “messy” look. This creates a laid back and warm, inviting atmosphere, making your house feel like your home.

Mid-Century Modern    

In the mid 1900s, designers started using creative materials for decorating, like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum. The mid-century modern style of decorating is characterized by furnishings like molded plastic chairs, wood panelling, and natural silhouettes. This design is one of the more difficult to achieve, as using it as your main theme may cause your home to look outdated. Eliminate that problem by using this theme as a base, and incorporating other interior decor styles to complement it.


The Scandinavian design was created using a basic, minimalist approach to the decorating style. Characterized by combinations of light and dark grays, and a balance of engineered and organic materials, this style is simple, yet chic. The furniture is usually modest, with functionality and comfort and the decor features light accent colours. The simplicity of the Scandinavian style makes it an easy design to achieve, and it will make the interior of your home look clean cut, with a little bit of personal charm.


The farmhouse interior decorating style is inspired by traditional log homes or farm houses. This style takes the traditional log cabin and modernizes it with distressed wood and upholstered linens. Using colours like whites and creams, with wooden accents will help you achieve this style. If you are seeking a decor style that makes your home feel warm and welcoming, this is the perfect way to decorate.

Shabby Chic

Inspired by antiques, and old fashioned decor, shabby chic accentuates vintage elements to create a repurposed feel to it. The furnishings in this decor style have a matured look to them, with wooden bases, and a milky distressed paint to show signs of wear and tear. The decorative accents in this style should be luxurious in appearance, with signs of usage, to bring the design together.

Urban Modern

Modern designer lofts are the inspiration for the urban modern style of decorating. The eclectic mix of opposing and complementary traits allows for this style to emit a cosmopolitan environment, without feeling like there are too many styles clashing. It is characterized by ethnic heirlooms, experimental designs and a modern minimalist approach with furnishings that are relatively low profile, decorative pillows, and accents that radiate artistic expression.

Now that these decorating styles have been explained, the interior of your home can become what you always dreamed it would be. For more information on decorating styles, visit the Falconcrest Homes website.    

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