grocery stores next to rouge hill

Health and wellness have been a priority for everyone lately, and no doubt eating healthy plays a crucial role. Luckily, you’ll find some of the best grocery stores next to Rouge Hill Estates in Markham, making it easy to find high-quality ingredients for every meal! So read on to learn which stores topped our list.

The Garden Basket

The Garden Basket features an award-winning selection of regular and organic produce. In fact, it won the Economist & Sun’s Reader’s Choice Award in 2019! You can also find the best selection of organic and traditionally raised beef, pork, and chicken, as well as an incredible selection of organic and specialty grocery foods. The best part? It’s only a five-minute drive from Rouge Hill Estates!

Markham Fine Foods

grocery stores next to rouge hill

You’ll love shopping at Markham Fine Foods, which has been a family-run operation since 1972. From fresh produce to delicious sandwiches to top-quality cheese and a full line of standard National Brand groceries, Markham fine foods has it all! They also have fresh bread delivered daily – even on Christmas! Only four minutes away from Rouge Hill Estates, you’ll find Al and his staff behind the counter ready to serve you, answer any questions, or help you decide between the Lemon Mousse or the Chocolate Truffle cakes. Yum!

Greek Table Grocery and Deli

You don’t even have to leave Rouge Hill Estates to shop here. Greek Table Grocery and Deli offers online shopping! But if you prefer in-person shopping, then you’ll love that it’s only a two-minute drive. Family owned and operated, this store brings the best of Greece to your table. They offer many Greek products, including baked goods, olives, and fresh Greek cheeses straight from the source. Not only will you love the delicious food, but you’ll also enjoy exceptional customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience.

朗豪坊大統華 (T&T)

Did you know T&T stands for Tina & Tiffany? Cindy Lee, an immigrant from Taiwan and a working mother of three, started the store in 1993 and named it after two of her daughters. Her dream was to help families by providing the best Asian food and groceries under one roof, and that’s precisely what you’ll find! T&T, only five minutes from Rouge Hill Estates, provides produce, meat, seafood, frozen food, bakery items, and more. Not only will you find everything you need, but you can also earn rewards every time you shop. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for merchandise or unique gifts – helping you save even more on your grocery bill. 

As you can see, there’s no need to go far to get excellent groceries when you live at Rouge Hill Estates. You’ll find fresh, organic ingredients at affordable prices, all within a five-minute drive. For more information about the community, check out the Falconcrest Homes’ blog

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