If you’re constantly trying to find the healthiest food choices for you and your family, odds are you’ve looked into organic options. Luckily, with the growing interest in wellness, more and more organic grocery stores are popping up to fill our needs. In Oshawa, our OH! Towns development is within quick reach of quite a few organic grocery store options. Read on for our favourites. We’re sure they’ll become yours as well.

Durham Organics

Durham Organics is an online organic grocery store that delivers to your home or office weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs. Known for their punctuality, incredible customer service, and wonderfully fresh food, Durham Organics is quite popular in this delivery age. The process takes no time at all and reviewing your upcoming orders takes about 5 minutes to do substitutions or quantity changes. The one thing you will have to get used to is eating seasonally as organic produce selection varies widely depending on the weather. However, if you want nutritious, pesticide-free food delivered right to your door with excellent service to back it, you’ve found the right spot.

Real Canadian Superstore

This suggestion may come as a shock to some of you more experienced organic grocery shoppers but Real Canadian Superstore is also one of the best stores on our list! Big and bright, this shop offers lots of interesting options and good sales for those on the lookout for a bargain. You’ll find this grocery store is well stocked with plenty of organic options for you and your family. Also, because this location provides much more than your average supermarket (everything from electronics to medicine), this will likely become your one-stop shop!

Healthy Planet

This grocery store is a little further away than our first two suggestions, but the 10-minute drive is well worth it. Extremely clean, organized and well stocked, Healthy Planet has an impressive selection of organic food. Also, if you’re looking for vegan alternatives, this is the organic grocery store for you! They have the best selection around for dairy-free cheese, dressing, whipped cream, mayonnaise, etc. as well as meat-free options.

Tiano’s Organics

If you have some time, we highly recommend visiting Tiano’s Organics for your next grocery shopping trip. The staff here is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable; willing to take you through the great selection of fresh produce they have available. This is the spot to go for gluten-free and dairy-free options that you may not find anywhere else! Also, be prepared to spend a little extra on treats as the store always smells of delicious baked goods. We have to admit that we go a little crazy for their addictive oatmeal cookies!

Be sure to keep a lookout for more organic grocery stores coming to Durham in the coming years! We’re sure that as you grow in the OH! Towns community, you’ll come to have your own favourite little spots around your conveniently-located home. For more information about upcoming developments and tips for your new home be sure to follow Falconcrest’s blog series.

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