You want to make sure your children are well looked after and are provided with every opportunity to grow in the right environment. With this in mind, many families seek homes near good schools in order to enroll their children there. Main St Village is one of those communities; located near some of Milton’s most exemplary public schools, you’re sure to find exactly the educational upbringing you’ve been looking for.  

Bruce Trail Public

Bruce Trail Public is a local institution that receives a lot of love from the community. Their incredibly engaging staff works tirelessly to develop a safe learning environment for each and every student that walks through their doors. They champion this ideal because they know this encourages creativity and critical thinking. It’s so apparent when you walk in that these teachers work to know their students so they can effectively communicate with them.

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield Public is another extremely communicative school that has worked hard to develop a transparent culture and curriculum. With a focus on safety and eco-friendly behaviours, this school really teaches children to look outside of themselves and view the world as a whole. Of course, with Chris Hadfield as its namesake, it makes sense that this is also a very ‘technology-forward’ school that works to integrate new technologies into learning.

Robert Baldwin

Robert Baldwin Public is another community favourite in Milton. This school has a fabulous staff made of teachers and educational consultants who work hard with parents to encourage learning outside as well as inside the school. Worth noting, their French Immersion program has some online sources to help parents move along with their child’s classes. As well, they have an incredible amount of outdoor space that allows for extensive extracurricular and athletics programs.

Sam Sherratt 

Sam Sherratt Public has seen a lot of positive attention from parents because of the extremely open nature with which they share their education and skill development programs. This school has hired a wonderfully kind staff who really look forward to working with students and providing them with experiences to learn and develop. It’s also worth noting that they have an incredible track nearby that encourages a strong athletics program. Main St Village in Milton has many incredible features that are getting a lot of attention from families looking to move! Of course, with the growing interest from families, we wanted to provide information on how accessible great learning is here. With so many wonderful options you have the luxury of choosing whatever suits your needs! For more information about the local community and upcoming projects, be sure to follow Falconcrest Homes’ blog series.

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