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6 Small Decor Items that Make a Big Difference in Your Home
Design & Decor
small decor items

Do you want to upgrade your home and give it a refresh without spending tons of money or time? You’re in luck because you don’t always have to go big and bold to make a decorative impact! These six small decor items will make a huge difference in your home.

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Summer Decorating Trends We’re Excited About
Design & Decor
summer decorating

From simple splashes of colour, playful patterns, and fresh furnishings, summer is the perfect time to update your home and ring in the season with this year’s hottest trends! We’ve rounded up five summer decorating trends that we’re excited about so you can refresh any room in your home!

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Get a Relaxing Master Bath Sanctuary with Our Spa-Inspired Decor Ideas
Design & Decor
relaxing master bath

Like most spas, your bathroom provides a private space where you can relax with a shower or warm bath to de-stress. All you need are a few more elements to get a perfect atmosphere. So read on for our spa-inspired decor ideas that will give you the relaxing master bath sanctuary you deserve!

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4 Sofa Trends We’re Loving for Winter
Design & Decor
sofa trends

No matter the season, buying a new sofa should bring you comfort, joy, and a beautiful design. If you’re looking to upgrade your space this winter, we’ve curated some of the latest sofa trends and popular design ideas to help inspire your home with luxury and style!

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Your Guide to Wall Sconces
Design & Decor
guide to wall sconces

Did you know wall sconces are a flexible, stylish addition to any home? These lights add a layer of flattering ambient light, illuminate areas where overhead lighting doesn’t reach, and make a stunning decorative statement. So with that in mind, here’s our complete guide to wall sconces!

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Get the Most Relaxing Home Possible By Using Mindful Interior Design
Design & Decor
mindful interior design

Between work, commuting, family, and friends, our lives are busier than ever. So, it’s essential to take the time to de-stress and unwind. One of the best ways to do that is to create the most relaxing home possible using mindful interior design. To help you, we’ve come up with five fabulous ways you can use this technique to make your home a sanctuary of relaxation.

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6 Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas
Design & Decor
easy holiday decorating

‘Tis the season! Part of the fun of the holidays is breaking out the decorations. Although each year brings its own holiday traditions, it’s always fun to update your decorations too. This year you and your whole family can get into the festive spirit with these six easy holiday decorating ideas.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful All Year Round
Fall Lawn Care

Did you know fall is the perfect time for lawn care? Not only does it prepare your lawn for next spring, but by following these fall lawn care tips, your yard will be a beautiful place to retreat to and relax until the first snowfall!

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Halloween Decor Tips to Make Your House the Most Ghoulish on the Block
Community & Lifestyle
halloween decor tips

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday where children can get creative and imaginative with their costumes. But the fun doesn’t have to end there. Extend that creativity to your house with these Halloween decor tips that are sure to make your home the most ghoulish on the block. It’s fun for the whole family!

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6 Ways To Make Your Living Room Cozier for Autumn
Design & Decor

We all tend to spend more time indoors when autumn hits. With this in mind, we have a few ideas on how to make your living room even cozier for this season of comfy sweaters and pumpkin-spice everything.

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