Cheerful Christmas table decor brings the holiday spirit to your home. It can also set a festive mood as your family and friends gather together for a special meal. Whether your style is casual, elegant, or modern, the holiday table deserves your special touch. Add sparkle and joy to your holiday with these Christmas table decoration tips.

Natural Accents for Your Christmas Table Decorations

Decorating with natural, outdoor accents adds charm and elegance to your Christmas table. Natural decor can be found just outside your front door, at your local flower shop, and farmer’s market. It can be simple or extravagant; the choice is up to you. Here are a few ideas for adding outdoor accents to your Christmas table decorations.

  • Holly and birch branches tied together with red ribbon and placed in a thin vase is simple and homey
  • Tiny twigs of rosemary and sage scattered around your table adds beauty and aromatics to your holiday table
  • An arrangement of cut winter flowers, like the Christmas and Lenten roses or witch hazel with pine sprigs gives your holiday table freshness
  • Wheat stalks together with holiday ribbon and placed in a clear, tall vase are simple and cozy

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations

Color Combinations for Your Christmas Table Decorations

The color choice for your holiday table should blend with your dining area decor. Today’s holiday decorations are not limited to green and red. Your selection of festive colors should reflect your home’s style and personality. Here are a few popular color schemes for this year’s holiday season.

  • Mimic winter snow and ice with silver accents, crystal glasses and blue linens
  • Create a modern holiday table with black and white decor and gold or silver accent pieces
  • Gold and burgundy tones give an old world feel to your holiday table
  • Solid white decor gives your holiday table a simple, elegant look

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations

Centerpiece Ideas for Your Christmas Table

The focal point of your Christmas dinner table is the centerpiece. A centerpiece should complement the place setting and room decor. It is also important that the centerpiece not obstruct the views of those seated at the table. Below are a few ideas of beautiful centerpieces for your holiday dinner table.

  • Fill a large, clear bowl with bright, Christmas ornament balls and set on a large crocheted doily
  • Place a plain white candle in the bottom of a clear globe and surround with holly sprigs
  • Fill a clear globe with pinecones and set on a red or green square placemat
  • Lay a small Christmas wreath on its side and fill with pine cones, apples, and limes
  • Surround a candlelit centerpiece with nuts, pine sprigs, cranberries or rosemary
  • Place a flat mirror in the center of the table and top with white berries and white flowersChristmas Table Decorations


Place Settings for the Christmas Table

The place settings at your Christmas table is an opportunity to create a special space for each guest. Your place setting options are endless, dependent only on the size of your table, budget, and style. Here are a few simple ideas for your holiday table place setting.

  • Make napkin rings with scraps of holiday gift wrap
  • Wrap each place setting with a wide piece of Christmas ribbon
  • Bring out your fine china and flatware
  • Purchase holiday plates, crystal water glasses, and cloth napkins. Most big box stores offer these items at an affordable cost

Christmas Table Decorations


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