easy perrrenial flowers

Don’t slave away in your garden when you can get the same look for less work! Several perennial flowers are hardy plants that will thrive in any outdoor space, no matter how much sun your backyard or balcony gets. Plant them in a good spot, and you can enjoy their beautiful blooms for years to come.


Having trouble growing anything in your soil? Try daylilies! They thrive in a wide variety of soil conditions, aren’t prone to diseases or bugs, and bloom nicely for years with almost no attention. Most daylily flowers open in the morning and die by nightfall. However, each flower stem usually has around 12 flower buds, so it will flower for several weeks.


Don’t enjoy watering plants every day? You’ll love lavender! This easy-care plant does well in hot, dry conditions, making it ideal to use in various landscape settings and drought-prone areas. What’s more, these beautiful flowers come back every year, and you can harvest the dried buds for teas, scones, or potpourri.


Keep your garden going late into the season with Asters. These beautiful daisy-like perennials bloom in late summer and fall, ranging in colour from white to blue to purple. These perennials are versatile and work well in many places such as borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens. Not only are they sure to bring delightful beauty to your garden, but they don’t need much maintenance either. Water just once a week if you get less than one inch of rain.


Plant these flowers in a sunny spot, and they can flower for decades – even a century! It’s true. Some peonies have been known to thrive for at least 100 years. Their beautiful, big blooms range from white, pink and red to coral, maroon and yellow. Many peony flowers change colour as they open, so be sure to check them every day to appreciate the differences.


Attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds with beardtongue! This adaptable perennial blooms in well-drained soil or clay soil. They typically bloom in early summer but can handle periods of colder temperatures and drought, making them easy to care for. 

Whatever your growing conditions, these easy perennial flowers are an excellent choice. They are low maintenance, tolerate drought, and come back every year so you can get a beautiful garden at a fraction of the cost and with less effort! For more great tips, don’t forget to read the Falconcrest blog

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