May 14th is Mother’s Day, the day that we say thank you to the women in our lives who taught us, shared with us, and guided us through life to adulthood. Many people celebrate by taking their mom out, but no one says you have to even leave the house! Here are some terrific ideas about how to entertain your mom at home this Mother’s Day.

Take on a Project Together

Is there something around the house that you know she has been meaning to get to, but never did? Why not help her take it on, and make the project fun! Whether it is working on the garden, the scrapbook she always wanted to finish, or painting the living room, this is a perfect opportunity to lend a hand, while creating fun memories with your mom!

Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

Have a Movie Date

Remember how much fun it was to curl up and watch a movie with your mom when you were young? Why not recreate that with her for Mother’s Day? Choose a couple of her favourite movies, purchase a few of her favourite snacks, and have a cozy night in, just like you used to. If you are looking for some ways to make it seem more special, Recipe 4 Living has some tips and tricks for ambiance, snacks, and more!

Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

Do a Puzzle Together

Finishing a puzzle together is a great way to catch up with mom. To make this extra special, surprise her with a photo puzzle of the two of you together! If you are wondering where to go to get the photo puzzles printed, Vistaprint has reasonable pricing and allows you to customize the puzzle.

Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

Do Some Family Yoga

If your family is into fitness, and you rarely get time with everyone together, yoga is a fantastic way to keep the fitness in your day, while spending some quality time catching up. If the weather is nice, take it outside, and enjoy the spring scenery while you work out!

Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

Host a Games Night

A simple but fun way to entertain your mom at home is hosting a games night. Find all of your mom’s favourite board games, or card games and invite her over for a night that is guaranteed to be fun, and create memories you can share.

Entertain Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

So, whether it is spending a relaxing night in watching movies, playing a fun game, or breaking out in a sweat in the back yard, there are many things you can do to entertain your mom, right at home. For more ideas on celebrating Mother’s Day, be sure to check out the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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