A finished basement is an investment worth making. Not only does it provide you with space to enhance your living quarters, but it also increases the value of your home. Here are five brilliant ways to finish your basement.

1.Create a Family Media Room

Who says that the basement needs to be dark and dingy? Adding hardwood or tile flooring can brighten up the room, and make it a cozy space for the family to come together. Pot lights dispersed throughout the room will give a good base level light, and lamps provide more ambiance. Warm up a cold basement  with a brightly colored area rug, and cozy blankets. To brighten up the room more, paint the walls a light colour and choose furniture that compliments it.

2. Bring the Gym to your House

For the fitness oriented family, convert your basement into a home gym. The cool temperatures in basements make them ideal for working out in the summer. Installing a fireplace or heated tile floors can provide warmth during the cold winter months. For more inspiration, this article from Total Basement Finishing has tips, ideas, and photos for your reference.

3. Provide a Guest Suite

When family or friends come to visit, it can often be difficult to decide where everyone is going to stay. Instead of worrying, use your basement  to create a separate space where your guests can feel at home.A guest suite can range in complexity, from a studio style space, to a full apartment that includes a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and more. Better Homes and Gardens has some tips on creating an inviting atmosphere in a basement guest room, and HGTV has some inspiration for adding a kitchen. If you have a separate entrance to the basement, creating a guest suite with all the amenities can provide you with the opportunity for a rental space to generate some extra income.

    4. Install a Home Library

Most basements don’t  have a lot of window space, meaning there is plenty of wall space that can be converted into shelving units for a home library. If you are a do-it-yourself person, this tutorial has full instructions on installing a built in shelving unit. Keep in mind that using bright colored paints like white, or pastels will prevent the room from feeling dark and enclosed.  When furnishing your library, select comfortable seating for reading, and choose colours that compliment the walls. If your basement has some extra space under your staircase, consider creating a cozy book nook like the one in this photo.

    5. Design the Ultimate Play Room

Most basements are spacious, wide open areas. Take advantage of the open concept, and create the ultimate play area for your kids! Increase their imagination by building an indoor playhouse like this one, or designate different areas of the room for different activities, like a reading corner,  a games table, and a walk in dress up closet. With the right design, this space can change and grow with your child as they age and mature.

Regardless of how you use the space, finishing your basement is a smart investment that can help increase living space and the value of your home. For more information on basement renovations, visit the Falconcrest Homes website!

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