milton extra-curricular activities

Milton is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing communities, so it’s no surprise that many new families are moving here. If you’re new to Milton or just want to discover new activities for your children, then read on for fun Milton extracurricular activities that kids of all ages will enjoy! 

Kicks for Kids Karate School

Martial arts is a fantastic extracurricular activity. Not only does it help kids stay active, but it improves their social skills and discipline. Milton’s Kicks for Kids Karate school offers an after school program that arranges for the pick-up of your child from school and drives them right to the studio. They even provide a snack and reading time before karate training begins. The program is suitable for children of all levels and runs all year round.

TinkerLabs STEAM Workshops 

TinkerLab invites children who are 0 – 10 years old to explore the world around them through various drop-in programs, registered classes, birthday parties, and special events. This Milton extracurricular activity includes a variety of mixed media art experiences, making toys, and improving physics and engineering concepts through lego. Classes range from $5 for a drop-in class to $176.00 for an eight-week session. 

Extracurricular Art Activities

The city of Milton offers several extracurricular activities in the arts. Kids can enjoy taking courses in animation, cartooning, painting, and even graffiti. They also offer sculpting with clay or even a unicorn class, where children can make a unicorn horn and learn how to draw a unicorn. Classes begin in January 2020 and run until March 2020. 

Extracurricular Cooking Activities 

Is your child a fan of the culinary arts? If they love helping out in the kitchen, you’ll be happy to know that another fun Milton extracurricular activity is a creative chef course or a cupcake decorating course. Your child will learn proper cooking techniques and kitchen safety while preparing delicious snacks and discovering the tasty temptations of healthy eating! Both classes run from January 2020 until March 2020.
There’s no shortage of Milton extracurricular activities that your children are sure to love. Extracurricular activities provide so many benefits such as building skills outside of the classroom, opening your child up to new ideas and interests, and helping them meet new friends. So have your kids try something new and see what they can discover in the local area! For more great activities and ideas to try with your family don’t forget to visit our blog.