The interior decorating style of your home is a unique way to reflect your personality by incorporating elements of unparalleled design. This year, create awe inspiring interior decor, while establishing bold, yet classy statements by using shapes and patterns to compliment your style. Here is a guide to incorporating shapes and patterns into your home.

Flooring Designs

Nothing makes a room look and feel more elegant and lavish than an intricately planned hardwood or tile floor, with patterning throughout the room. Through combining elements of graphic design with interior design, a floor can be the perfect way to subtly incorporate shapes and patterns into your home.

Linens and Cushions

The bedroom is one of the simplest rooms to incorporate shapes and patterns into. Adding a comforter or duvet cover, with matching throw pillows is an easy way to blend shapes and patterns into your decor. Choosing a bright geometric pattern will make your bed the focal point in the room, creating a bold statement, and adding some extra colour.

Geometric Wall


A current, popular design trend that is showing up this year is adding an accent wall that incorporates a geometric pattern. The bright coloured shapes are an inspirational element when added to any room, and with meticulous planning it can be customized to suit your interior design style. The versatility of the accent wall makes it ideal for incorporating it into any room of the house, making it the perfect way to add geometric shapes to your home.

Add Mosaic Tile


Mosaic tile is a classy, modern way to incorporate patterns and geometric shapes of all sizes and colours into your home. Whether it is a tile pattern in the bathroom, or a transition between two floors, this is the perfect subtle way to create an impression with the use of different shapes.

Patterned Upholstery

Patterned upholstery compliments neutral colours in a room, and adds an extra element of fun to your interior decor. This method is versatile enough to allow you to to incorporate patterns and shapes in any room in the house. Whether you use patterned dining room chairs or  wingback chairs for the living room, choosing furniture that has a bold pattern like stripes or a weave will brighten and enhance your interior decor in any room.


If you are seeking a more subtle way to incorporate some shapes into your home, consider adding lighting fixtures that boast different geometric figures like the ones pictured above. There are many options for lighting that delve into the trend of using different shapes, including lamps, fixtures, and task focused lighting. Regardless of what you plan, there is a way to add shapes to your decor through lighting in your home.

Different shapes and patterns are a popular trend in the interior design world, and can be anything from a bold accent wall to a more subtle lighting fixture. Whether you choose to remodel your floor, or add in some accessories, incorporating shapes and patterns into your home is easy if you just follow some of these tips. For more tips on incorporating shapes and patterns into your home, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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