Do you have a student living at home? Are textbooks and papers strewn across your dining room table? Create a cozy studying nook in your home to curb the mess and help your child succeed. A well-designed studying nook will elevate the space and leave your child feeling much more organized and stress-free. Plus, we’ve made it easy with our checklist – so read on to learn how to create a cozy studying nook in your home.

Pick the Perfect Spot 

Is it the living room? A bedroom? A corner in the office? Finding the quietest space in your home is vital. Creating a distraction-free study area will help maximize success. Furthermore, organization plays a crucial role in successful studying. Adding colorful sticky notes and highlighters with a clean workspace will prepare you to make important notes that last. 

Get Comfortable 

Finding a suitable desk and chair is imperative for a good workspace. The last thing your child wants to do is deal with back pain while trying to focus. The work surface should be about waist height, and they should be able to rest their elbows on the table without hunching up their shoulders. Your child’s feet should rest comfortably on the floor, and their back should feel straight and relaxed. This optimal position will help generate good muscle memory for future studying, and the furniture will provide appropriate back support. 

Install Proper Lighting 

Great lighting is also essential in a cozy studying nook. Natural light is best, but a good desk lamp can make a world of difference. Painting the room a bright colour can also elevate your child’s level of attention and focus, creating a positive correlation to studying. Try a red, yellow, or teal accent wall.

Add Finishing Touches 

Lastly, finishing touches, like storage, are critical to an excellent study space! Installing wall-to-wall shelves or a wall-mounted desk to maximize space and storage will allow the student in your home to store all of their school items in one area. You can also opt for a rolling cart or cute storage baskets. Personalize the study room further with some wall decor, an area rug, and some photos! Don’t be afraid to spice it up. 
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