decorate with pantone's 2021 colours of the year

This year Pantone didn’t choose just one colour, they picked two winners, Ultimate Gray and a cheery yellow called Illuminating. These two colours make a beautiful combination for living rooms, kitchens, exteriors, and more. So read on and we’ll show you how to incorporate these trendy colours into your home.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Painting your kitchen cabinets with Pantone’s colour of the year – Ultimate Gray – is an ideal way to transform your space. Then the bright and cheerful yellow makes for the perfect accents. Paint a pair of wooden chairs or use the colour for your curtains, towels, and cushions.

Bring it Into the Bedroom 

Light gray is an excellent alternative to white if you’re looking to create a soothing, tranquil environment. Using it in the bedroom has a calming effect, while adding some punchy yellow throw pillows and curtains will give it a little boost of energy.

Paint Your Front Door

Pantone’s colour of the year is perfect for setting a welcoming tone from the street. Paint your door in this bright, cheery yellow and add a white border to emphasize the contrast. Of course, this colour really pops next to exteriors with gray siding or shingles. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Ultimate Gray is such a versatile colour that you can use it practically anywhere in your bathroom. Of course, it’s a beautiful colour for your walls, but it also works well in a tile backsplash or as floor tile. Then add in your splashes of Illuminating with your rugs, hand towels, and countertop accessories. For added contrast, you can even paint your walls a few shades darker than Pantone’s colour of the year to make the yellow accents really pop.

It’s no surprise that these colours won Pantone’s 2021 Colours of the Year award. They’re’ so versatile and work to complete your home’s decor in any room! With these four tips, it’ll be easy to update your home for 2021 and beyond. If you’re looking for more great home decor tips, you’ll want to read the Falconcrest Homes’ blog!

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