decorate with rattan

Boho chic is a trend that is really taking over social media feeds! It’s no wonder why the bohemian-inspired pieces are being celebrated for their naturally calming aesthetic. If you’re looking at how to start getting this summer’s hottest décor style into your home, we’ve got the perfect answer: rattan! Read further to see how you can decorate with this laid-back material. 


decorate with rattan

These are the spots that many homeowners often forget about when it comes to decorating. However, switching generic lampshades and pendants out for something a little chicer makes a world of difference! This is the perfect place for you to incorporate some rattan goodness. Aside from looking great in any room, they will also create a warm glow that nobody can say no to.


decorate with rattan

Take your shelves to the next level by adding small touches of rattan! It’s as simple as grabbing some basic baskets and devoting a shelf or two to these pieces. Not only does this create some additional storage, it’s also an easy way to introduce a trendy aspect to your existing décor. 


decorate with rattan

If you’ve been developing your green thumb recently, you need to start displaying your plants in these brilliantly stylish pots! No matter what size plant you’re looking to style, a rattan pot is an ideal way to showcase your greenery. They create a bold, desert-chic look in your home and the natural colour of the rattan makes those vibrant greens in your plant stand out so well! Turn your home into a jungle oasis with rattan this summer.


decorate with rattan

One of the best things about rattan is its neutral palette. Any floor in need of a little extra help will get an instant facelift with these woven textiles! If you have any empty square footage like stairs, foyers, and bathrooms you will see an instant change when you set down a rattan rug. As a plus, your existing furniture and decor will pair flawlessly with this choice of material. Imagine; added style and texture all thanks to one piece!

Living Room

A rattan ottoman is a great option no matter what décor style you have. Added storage, seating, and surface areas are a must in every home, so why not add in a new ottoman to your living space? If you’ve been having a hard time finding a piece that matches the furniture you already have, rattan is here to save the day! The muted style fits into any space and is sure to blend right into your existing design.

A boho-favourite that still feels modern, rattan is something you can incorporate into your space to make a subtle statement no matter what the aesthetic of your home. Adding small pieces here and there is a wonderfully easy and accessible way to get that laid-back look without having to commit to a big financial investment! For more tips and tricks for decor options around your home be sure to follow Falconcrest Homes’ blog series.

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