decorate with rugs

Do you ever feel like your home is unfinished? A rug is a perfect addition to give it that polished look! We love how rugs can define and anchor a space while adding warmth to your room’s decor. So, if you want to add texture, coziness, and pizzazz, learn how to decorate with rugs with our four rug decor tips below. 

Use Rugs to Define an Area 

No walls? No problem! Rugs can make a room feel distinct, especially when it comes to rooms that lack definition. Carpets are an ideal way to define or separate areas, including living rooms, dining areas, and entryways. Consider where you want one space to end and the other to start, then make sure you buy a rug that doesn’t extend past this point. As a general rule of thumb, your rug should sit within one foot of the edge of the space.

Play Around With Shapes 

When we think of rugs, usually rectangular-shaped rugs come to mind, but often square, round, or oval-shaped rugs can complement furniture better! Think about the architecture of the room. For example, a round rug might look nicer under a round dining table or a living room could be more stylish laid out over a square rug! You might even want to use two rugs in one room, such as a square rug and a rectangular one. Be playful and brave with your rug shape for ultimate interior design.

Rugs Create a Focal Point 

Rugs can have a significant impact when they’re used as the focal point of your room. You can do this by creating contrast with your walls. Choose one of the accent colours in your rug and then paint your walls a hue that echoes that colour or opt for a carpet with a bold and colourful pattern to create a focal point without painting.

Think Outside the Living Room 

Rugs are most commonly used in the living room, but they look stylish in almost every room of your home! You can use a small rug in your bathroom, or even an outdoor rug to complement your balcony or patio! You can also try layering rugs. If your rug’s dimension doesn’t fit the space perfectly, simply place it on top of a larger, neutral carpet to extend its reach! Lastly, don’t just think about the floors. You can also hang decorative rugs on your wall as a beautiful piece of art! 

We love how versatile rugs are when it comes to completing your home’s decor! Even if a rug is considered an accessory, it can be the foundation of any gorgeous room, and with these four tips, you’re sure to add style! If you’re looking for more great home decor tips, you’ll want to read our blog!

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