black and white decor

Black and white is a timeless look that’s frequently present in both fashion and interior design. This classic colour combination stands the test of time and works to create a calm and serene colour palette for any room. If you’re thinking about incorporating this contrasting colour duo in your home, read on for our tips to nail the black and white look.

Combine Tones and Textures

When done correctly, black and white are minimal and chic! An excellent way to make sure this high contrast look stays that way is to mix tones and textures. For instance, you can add texture in lighter shades of black by using charcoal linens, throw pillows, or blankets. You can also add white accents in varying tones like a standing lamp, a small side table, or a modern chandelier to soften the look’s intensity.

Pick Your Style

Black and white is a timeless look that works with several styles, including California casual or Art Deco. Pick a cohesive style for your home to make this monochromatic look really pop! For example, a modern look typically uses tiered tables, chairs and sofas with rounded edges and contrasting material colours. All of these elements can be black and white while the overall modern look stays consistent. 

Add Pops of Colour

Pick one accent colour to keep the space from appearing uninviting. Black and white can be the perfect backdrop for accent colours like blue, gold, and green. You could easily infuse your accent colour using art and decorative pieces like pillows, a bedframe, lamp, or throw blanket.  

Add Intriguing Design Details 

Add intriguing design details like a claw foot tub, a sheepskin rug or a black vintage dresser to provide visual interest even in a monochromatic colour scheme like black and white. These intriguing design details will add a little softness while still giving you that punch of contrast for visual interest.

White Paint Goes A Long Way

You can achieve the black and white style with either colour serving as the primary hue. However, painting your walls white and using black accents and furniture provides a crisp, fresh look. This works exceptionally well in the bedroom, where white walls and bedding pair well with subtle black details like an exposed bulb sconce or a black and white photograph. Lastly, a gray throw blanket is a perfect way to add a touch of warmth!

By following these tips, you don’t have to be shy to add a chic touch to your home that’s trending this year. You’re sure to pull off the black and white decor palette in any room with sophistication and subtlety. For more great design ideas, don’t forget to read the Falconcrest Homes’ blog

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