renovate your unfinished basement

Is your basement unfinished? Then you have the perfect space for a readymade renovation project! Finishing your basement and adding a guest suite is a fantastic way to increase your homes’ value and provide the ultimate relaxation space for friends and relatives. Of course, finishing your basement is a big job that requires careful planning, so read our tips to help you get the job done correctly.

Plan an Exit Route

First things first! You need to plan a fire escape route and exit when designing your basement. Not only is it essential for the safety of your family and guests, but it’s a requirement in many jurisdictions for your basement to meet code. One of the most common ways to do this is to add egress windows. An egress window must be easy to open and big enough for a person to escape and/or a firefighter to climb into the house. So don’t forget to consider this when designing your guest suite and make sure you incorporate sufficient room for egress windows into your layout.   

Obtain Permits

Before you begin construction, it’s imperative to conduct research to ensure you obtain the required permits so you can legally add a bedroom to your basement. If you don’t get the proper permits, your basement could end up facing legal troubles, which will actually decrease the resale value of your home! 

Measure Everything

Now it’s time to measure your basement thoroughly to know exactly how much space you are working with. This will help you figure out what you can include in your guest suite and how much room you can designate different rooms. Once you have the measurements, think about what you want to include in your guest suite, and start drawing up the design and floor plan. Don’t hesitate to meet with an experienced contractor in your area as they can help you decide what you can realistically do with the space you have.  

Invest in a Sump Pump

Before you begin construction, invest in a sump pump! Sump pumps will help prevent flooding, reduce your insurance premium, and protect your investment in your brand new renovation. It’s worth the cost! 

Begin Creating The Perfect Guest Suite

Now that you’ve taken care of your basement and guest suite’s initial planning, the next step is to start working on choosing design elements. Lighting is key to making your basement and guest suite feel like an extension of your home. We suggest adding plenty of artificial light and layering different lighting types, such as warm light over bright white light. You can also mix a variety of light fixtures, including sconces, pendants, and decorative ceiling fixtures, to bring a sense of elegance to your guest suite. What’s more, laminate flooring or tile stands up better against moisture. For warmth, add an area rug or install radiant floor heating, so your guests are comfortable year-round.  

A Bathroom and Kitchenette Adds Maximum Value

For maximum value both for your guests and for resale, you should install a full bathroom. Including a full bathroom in your basement guest suite will help make your basement seem like a private residence and make your guests feel at home. If your budget allows for it, incorporating a kitchenette will help your guests feel even more at ease as they will have a sense of privacy and independence during their stay. Plus, this can increase the resale value even more as you now have the option to rent the basement in the future.

Add the Final Touches

Congratulations! Your basement and guest suite is almost done. Now it’s time to think about what touches you would want in a guest suite to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. Maximize comfort with high-quality bedding, linens, and toiletries and maximize convenience with strategically placed outlets, plenty of storage, and a strong WiFi connection! Adding fresh flowers or a welcome note is always a cute touch! 

Turning your unfinished basement into a guest suite is one of the best ways to maximize space and add value to your home. We hope our tips were helpful and if you’re looking for more information on homes and renovations, read our blog

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