The Thanksgiving table takes centre stage of this special, secular holiday. The Thanksgiving table setting is the first impression guests get of this highly anticipated meal. Taking time to plan and set your table, ideally the night before, will ensure a festive and beautiful table setting for your wonderful Thanksgiving feast. The first step in planning your Thanksgiving dinner table is to decide on a colour theme. Warm, rich colours, like deep reds, harvest yellows and burnt oranges, are good choices for the Thanksgiving table. The colour theme must also complement your dining room’s decor. Read on for more simple, but elegant ideas on setting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner table!

1.Thanksgiving Linens Set the Style of the Table Setting

The foundation of the Thanksgiving table is the linens. For a formal look, purchase pumpkin orange or chocolate brown iridescent linen fabric. Iridescent linen is an excellent choice for the tablecloth because of its two-toned look. A beige or tan runner placed in the centre of your table will add elegance to your table setting. Use extra fabric from the tablecloth to make napkins tied with a bow from fabric matching the runner. Your tablecloth and napkins do not need to match. They should, however, complement the style and colour of each other. For a relaxed table setting, select a variety of coloured napkins that fit your colour palette. For an informal and rustic table setting, expose the natural wood of your table by not using a tablecloth. Whether casual or elegant, the linens you use should set the stage for the rest of the decor.

2. Create a Unique and Personal Thanksgiving Plate Setting

Set the perfectThanksgiving dinner table

Once you’ve placed the linens on the table, it’s time to gather your dishware, glasses, and flatware. First, determine the number of guests you can comfortably seat so you know how many plate settings you will need. The general rule is to have two feet of space between the centre of one plate and the centre of the next. Plate settings for the Thanksgiving table is the perfect way to create a personal and unique dinner table. So, whether your table is formal or informal, don’t be afraid to mix and match special plate settings, glassware, and flatware in the style of your choice.

  • Dishware: The plates and serving dishes should have a common style and palette, but they do not need to match. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to use family heirloom dishes and transferware; both will add warmth and charm to your Thanksgiving dinner table. Large, plain white dinner plates complement well with these special plates, and fit in with both an elegant and casual decor. Ideally, each guest should have a large dinner plate with a small plate placed atop for the first course.
  • Glasses: A Thanksgiving setting with matching water and wine stemware is an easy way to create a sense of elegance.
  • Flatware: The holiday is the time to pull out your or your grandmother’s formal flatware. It is also acceptable to mix and match good-quality stainless-steel flatware, which goes with everything from modern, traditional to elegant styles.

3. The Centrepiece and Table Decorations for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

A Thanksgiving table should be symmetrical. The centrepiece is the focal point of the table and should be in the centre. It can be as simple as fall branches spilling from a tall vase, a bouquet of fresh flowers and foliage, or a basket of fruit. There should also be an even number of candlesticks and evenly spaced place settings. Fill empty spaces on the table with tiny pumpkins, gourds, turkey collectibles, and other autumn decor. Place cards are a nice personal and decorative touch to the table. Several ideas for place cards are to tuck a name card into a spray-painted pinecone or write your guest’s name on a small pumpkin. Be sure your table is balanced and festive so that all guests can enjoy the decor equally.

Thanksgiving is a day to share a special meal with important people in your life. Show your guests how valuable they are to you by creating an elegant, perfect, and memorable Thanksgiving table. Visit Falconcrest Homes for more ideas on setting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner table.

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