Halloween is just around the corner. A great time of year for a haunted house party. Luckily, in the north, the chilly fall temperatures, increasing winds, and dark evenings are the perfect backdrop to a haunted house party. With a little planning, a host can create a ghoulish, scary setting complete with frightening decor, creepy snacks, haunting music, and fun activities. A host’s first step in planning a haunted house party is to mail a spooky, hand written invitation. Fun, mail delivered notes are much more likely to excite your guests than a facebook, or twitter invite. Here are several ideas on how to throw a brilliant haunted house party.

1.Greet Guests with an Eerie, Frightening Entrance to the Haunted House

A ghostly, scary front yard and walkway will set the mood for approaching guests and goblins. Be sure there is also enough light to guide visitors up the sidewalks and to avoid tripping on the decor. Here are several ideas for creating a haunted yard and walkway.

  • Create a graveyard in your yard with foam tombstones.
  • Cover outdoor furniture with fake cobwebs.
  • Have guests walk through tattered cheesecloth or fake cobwebs hung from the front door.
  • Hang fake bats from the trees in your yard.
  • String orange and black lights to guide guests towards the front door.

2. Thrill your Guests with Spooky, Spine-Chilling Decor Inside Your Haunted House

There are endless ideas that can create a haunted house inside your home. Most items are inexpensive and easily found at your local big box or dollar store. Below are several ideas that will change your home into a ghoulish haunted house.

  • Switch out your light bulbs with black lights. Black lights will make your white items glow in the dark.
  • Fill a bucket with warm water and place near the front door. Right before guests arrive, drop dry ice in the bucket, which will create bubbling smells and smoke.
  • Purchase a fog machine to create a spooky atmosphere.
  • Put fake bloody handprints on the mirrors throughout the house.
  • Glue glowing eyes to the mirrors throughout the house.
  • Use police tape to blocked off private areas of your home.
  • Cover furniture with old white sheets to create the look of an abandoned house.
  • Scary music is essential to a fun, haunted house party. Songs from Thriller are always a good choice. Also Monster Mash, Witchy Women, Strange Brew, Black Magic Women, Love Potion #9, and more.

3. Treat Your Guests to Eerie Eats and Drinks

Food and drinks are crucial to the success of any party. Halloween, however, is particularly fun because a host can get unusually creative in the presentation of the treats. Snack ideas for a haunted party are endless and constricted only by the host’s tastes and the ages of the guests. Timeless Halloween classics include deviled eggs and guacamole centers, candied apples, popcorn balls, and ghost or spider shaped cookies.

4. Keep the Party’s Energy Up with Haunted House Activities

Halloween is the time for adults to bring out their inner child. First, they can dress up in costume and, then, if the party host arranges it,  participate in fun, interactive games and activities. Here are several activities sure to be a hit at your haunted house party.

  • Set up a photo booth so your guests have a fun way to remember their costumes and the party.
  • Consider bobbing for apples – a fall favorite.
  • Set up a table with pumpkins and carving tools for a pumpkin carving contest.
  • Hang donuts on a string from the ceiling to your guest’s eye level. The first guest to finish their entire donut, while keeping their hands behind their back, wins.

Creating a ghoulish setting for your haunted house party will put your guests in the Halloween spirit and make your party the hit of the season. For more information on how to throw a brilliant haunted house party visit Falconcrest Homes.

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