Summer BBQ parties are a fantastic opportunity for family and friends to gather, grill their favourite meats, sip cool drinks and reconnect. The most important step in throwing a successful BBQ party is planning: for instance, what food and drinks will you serve, how will you decorate, and what entertainment will your guests enjoy.  Here are several suggestions on how to throw the best summer BBQ party of the year.

Make Your BBQ Party a Group Effort by Going Potluck-Style

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For a casual BBQ party enlist the help of your guests by asking each to contribute either a side dish, bag of chips or dessert; then you concentrate on the grilled meats and cold drinks.  A potluck-style party will save you time, work and money and make it fun for everyone.

Fun and Simple Decorations Work Best for Casual BBQ Parties

Decorations for a BBQ parties should reflect the style of the gathering.  BBQ parties are typically low-key, causal events. Here are a few suggestions for BBQ party decor:

  1. String white Christmas tree lights around the parameter of the party area.
  2. Decorate tables with large sunflower centerpieces.
  3. Place a few picnic blankets in the lawn which will expand seating.
  4. Add color with simple balloons and streamers.
  5. Increase lighting at night with tea lights in mason jars.

Set a Fun and Light Mode at Your BBQ Party with Summertime Music

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Install outdoor speakers and keep a stream of summer, feel-good songs playing throughout the afternoon and evening.   Good summertime mood songs include classic and southern rock, Kenny Loggins, Jimmy Buffet, John Denver, Motown, and more.

Entertain Your Guests and Build Up Appetites with a Few Classic Backyard Games

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Create a sense of togetherness and camaraderie between your guests with age appropriate backyard games and activities.  Many old fashion games are as good today as they were 100 years ago: horseshoes, lawn darts, tug of war, potato sack race, bean-bag toss, Bocce, limbo, ladder ball, croquet, and badminton. And don’t forget games for the little one: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and hopscotch.


A great BBQ party is about enjoying great people, good food, and plenty of sunshine. So dust off the barbecue, clean up the patio and yard and get ready to fire up your grill in anticipation of the best summer BBQ party of the season. For more great ideas on how to throw a BBQ party visit Falconcrest Homes.

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