Your living room might be formal, or it might be the place where you entertain, relax and catch the big game.  Whatever its purpose, your living room furniture should reflect your style and accommodate your needs.   Often, when it comes to decorating, the choices can be overwhelming and sometimes we overdo it.  The result is a room that may not be as comfortable and welcoming as it could be.    Here are a few ways to use accent pieces in your living room to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere for you and your family.

Bring Drama to your Walls

How to use accent pieces in your living room mirrors and art

Art and mirrors are great ways to create a chic and stylish living room.  A large mirror can be a statement piece that creates the illusion of more space.  Mirrors with dramatic frames or in unusual shapes are easily available, a great way draw the eye, and create excitement.  Art, while not giving the same the illusion of space, brings a personal expression of your taste to the room.  Photo walls and art collections help bring a room together and create cohesiveness.   Look for pieces that elicit fond memories or bring positive emotion to your living room.   One tip for using art is to keep it minimal and let the walls show your art.  Don’t overcrowd your walls and let it upstage the rest of the décor.


Let there be Light

How to Use Accent Pieces in your living room lighting

Living rooms serve a variety of needs in the home; from a place to relax and watch a movie, host a formal cocktail party or even the place your children choose to do their homework.   Finding one multi-purpose lighting solution to meet all of these needs can be tricky.  While bright overhead light is functional, it does not add to theme or mood.  Try to incorporate dimmer switches or special lighting to bring atmosphere and ambiance to your living room.  Try to find table lamps and floor lamps that fit your theme and maybe even have one of your accent colours in the shade to bring beauty to the room even when you don’t need extra light.

Blankets/Throw Pillows and Area Rugs for Fast Texture and Colour

How to Use Accent Pieces in your Living Room pillows and blanketsUsing blankets and throw pillows are an easy way to add to your living room décor that can take a room from bleak to cozy and relaxing.  Blankets and throw pillows are available in almost every color or texture imaginable and bring dimension to your furniture.  They can also be used to cloak older pieces.    Area rugs are another great way to bring your décor together with colours and textures and add warmth.  Place your seating furniture around or partially on the rug and finish with a chic coffee table as your centerpiece.  If you like to change your theme regularly using these types of decorative accents give an economical way to change your theme whenever you like.


Oversized Accent Pieces

How to Use accent pieces in your living room oversized furnitureOversized furniture while not traditionally considered an accent piece can be an accent in your living room.  Oversized ottomans are not only for resting tired feet on. They can double as a contemporary coffee table that provides not only storage for your remotes or magazines but also as additional seating.  Oversized accent chairs are attractive and give your family and guests a cozy area to sit during conversation or to curl up into and read a good book.  As with art, a little goes a long way.  Let your oversized pieces speak for themselves and avoid overcrowding your room.

Using colours, textures, and other accents like art or furniture can be a great way to make your home an extension of your personality.  Use Pinterest and other photo sites to inspire and light your creativity and you will create a room that feels fresh, put together and personal.

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