powder room decor

Powder rooms are one of the most exciting spaces to decorate! It’s the perfect room to experiment with colour and pattern because it’s less intimidating than doing so in a wide-open area. That’s why we’re showing you how to make a style statement with our five powder room decor ideas that are sure to suit any aesthetic.

Contrast Patterns

Putting up too much pattern in a master bath might be a bit overwhelming, but in a powder room, it just works! We love using abstract designs for the floor tiles and then choosing a whimsical wallpaper pattern to create a rich contrast. Pro Tip: To make this style look chic, keep your patterns within the same colour family. For example, calming and sophisticated blue tones balance out fun prints.

Layer Lighting

Powder rooms should include both mood lighting and functional lighting. Pendant lights are a great way to light up the room while making a style statement. Then layer it with some wall sconces or candles to achieve the perfect ambiance. A great rule to follow is using brighter, cooler-temperature bulbs for your functional lighting and dimmer, warmer bulbs for your ambient lighting.

Tile the Walls

Using tile on the wall is another great style statement to make in your powder room. Tiling half of your wall not only looks good, but it will also help you decorate on a budget since you don’t have to buy enough tiles to cover the entire wall. Make the small space feel bigger by opting for a medium-sized tile, no larger than 1′ x 1′. Penny tiles and subway tiles are always a great choice and can be used together to add a pop of colour and contrast.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an effective way to add style and storage space! Hang floating shelves above the toilet or right under the mirror and above the sink. It will help you cut down on clutter and add more surface room for toiletries and decor. 

Go All Out on The Vanity

The vanity is essential in your small bathroom. Make it a showstopper by choosing a small piece of furniture to repurpose as a vanity. You can really make a style statement by adding a vessel-style sink that sits on top of the piece. Or you can achieve a more contemporary look by mounting a floating-ledge counter. 

Feeling inspired? We sure are! Have fun using these five decor ideas to transform your powder room into a super-chic space. For more home decor ideas, don’t forget to read our blog

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