Tending to your spring garden in May is a wonderful way to celebrate the lengthening days and the end of a long, cold winter.  Also caring for your garden in the spring is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful garden throughout the summer. Check out these four spring gardening tasks in May that will awaken your garden from its long winter rest: prepare the soil, clean up the garden, add mulch and plant new flowers and shrubs.

Preparing the Soil in May will Ensure the Soils Fertility

Spring Gardening

The first step in preparing your garden’s soil for spring is to till the garden  8 to 12 inches beneath the surface; removing all the rocks or debris you come upon. The next step is to revitalize and add moisture to the soil by adding organic matter and fertilizer, such as compost or manure. The addition of fertilizer will improve the health of the soil and increase the life of your plants.

Early Spring Cleanup Tasks for Your Garden

Spring Gardening

  • Pull all the weeds out by the roots so they won’t grow back.   It is important to remove weeds because they compete with the wanted plants for space, water, and nutrients.
  • Remove all the broken stems,  leaves, and other debris left behind by the high winds, heavy snow and freezing rain of the winter.  The removal of debris will help bring light and air to the soil level and encourage plants to grow.
  • It is best to prune and trim most flowering and fruiting plants while they are dormant, in the late winter or early spring.   Also, spring blooming trees and shrubs should be pruned immediately after they flower because new buds begin to set as soon as the old buds fall.

Add a Good Coat of  Mulch to all your Garden Beds

Spring Gardening

Mulch will help prevent weeds and disease and keep the moisture in the garden and maintain the temperature.  It is typically recommended to use one to three inches of mulch and to keep the mulch a few inches from the plant’s stems to prevent roots from rotting.

Plant New Flowers and Shrubs.

Spring Gardening

After you have prepared the soil, removed the debris, and cared for the older plants, it is time to plant new flowers and shrubs. Several healthy spring plants include pansies, snapdragons, lettuce, peas and arugula and redbuds.

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the birds are singing; so it’s time to get outside and get your garden ready for the summer. For more ideas on spring gardening – here is what to do in May, visit Falconcrest Homes.


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