Mother’s Day is a time to show your mom how much you value and admire her.  And, what better way to show her this then to plan a fun-filled day together doing something she enjoys. Deciding on a meaningful and entertaining activity, however,  can be a challenge.  When planning an enjoyable Mother’s Day event, the most important things to consider are your mom’s hobbies, style and personality and who she might like to include in the day.  Below are five Mother’s Day entertaining ideas.

Plan a Chic Mother’s Day Tea Party at Home for your Mom, Grandmas, Aunts and Sisters.

Mother's day entertaining ideas

A Mother’s Day tea party should be tasteful and elegant, complete with your best china, silver, linen tablecloths and fresh cut flowers.  Serve guests an assortment of teas, a lavish spread of tea sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, watercress), scones and some tea cookies.  Your mom will love this special girl’s day.

If your Mom Loves Wine, Arrange a Mother’s Day Wine Tasting Gathering in your Home.


Mother's day entertaining ideas

Preparing an at-home wine tasting event in your home is as simple as selecting a few of the year’s best wines from the local wineries.  Then serve the wine with an assortment of unique or local cheeses, crackers, and other snacks.  And, if time allows, have each guest prepare a personalized memory by supplying the materials to hand paint an individual wine glass to present to the guest of honor.


Spend the Day with your Mom Gardening.


Mother's day entertaining ideas

If your mom loves to garden, take her to the local garden centers and have her pick out her favorite plants and flowers.  Then together go home and garden for the day.  Also, buy her a new pair of special gardening gloves, knee pads, and sun hat, which will remind her of your special day together.

Spend Mother’s Day with your Athletic Mom, Running, Walking and Exploring one of the many Trails in Vaughan

Mother's day entertaining ideas


Vaughan offers many beautiful walking, running and hiking trails of various levels of difficulty.  So, if your mom loves the outdoors and being physically active, invite your mother to head out to the trails for the day.  Be sure to pack lots of water and healthy snacks to drink and eat along the way.

Does your Mom Love to Shop? Consider Arranging for a Meeting with a Personal Shopper at Her Favorite Store.

Mother's day entertaining ideas

Arranging for a personal shopper for your mom is an excellent way to make your mom feel like the queen of the day.  Be sure to let the personal shopper know your budget before you begin shopping.  Then,  after your mom has found that perfect outfit, take her to a chic cafe for a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Whether your mom loves sipping tea or wine, shopping or hiking, or just doing projects around the house, the most important thing when entertaining your mom on Mother’s Day is to be together.  Of course, if you plan something she genuinely enjoys too, that is all the better for her.

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