First Visit to the Decor Centre

Your new home provides you with new and exciting opportunities for planning the interior design and making your home reflect your lifestyle and personality. Before your first appointment at the decor centre, here are a few ways to prepare yourself for your first visit, with insights from our interior designer, Anna Jilon.

Prepare Your Questions

When preparing to visit the decor centre, you may have many unanswered questions about your interior finishings. Anna suggests preparing any questions you may have about the house model type, the standard and upgraded finishings, and any general questions about the project. She says that during the meetings, any questions are welcome, and she encourages families to consider what is important to them in their new home, and make notes before the visit to the decor centre.

What to Expect From Appointments

The Falconcrest Homes Decor Centre will organize a series of meetings with you and your family to ensure that your house is finished to your preferences. There are two meetings, organized as follows:

Meeting One: The Structural meeting, Anna arranges the first meeting around the kitchen island with comfortable stools and offers everyone coffee, tea or water. The idea of this first meeting is to first review some items from the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, including items listed in the Purchaser’s Extras, tentative closing dates, and any update on the progress of the project. When this is all sorted out, then the price lists with all available options are reviewed in detail one item at a time, generating a “wish list” for the new homeowner. To end the meeting, a copy of the signed structural order with the required deposit is given to the purchaser.

Meeting two: The second meeting is called the Colours appointment. The meeting starts with a review of the structural selections, Anna then goes through the model specific colours list, and a “wish list” is once again generated with selected upgrade options and colour selections. The colour selections are displayed and labeled for each area. At the end of the meeting, the copy of the signed Finishing order with the required deposit and the colour chart with all the confirmed choices is given to the purchaser.

Advice About Decorating

When choosing to decorate your home, it is important to consider many factors before actually taking action. Anna highly recommends that before decorating, you consider the space and its function. For inspiration, she suggests looking through different home magazines, online photos, and getting an idea of what your decorating preferences are, to assist you in determining what style of decor you would like to achieve.

What Services the Decor Centre Offers

The Falconcrest Homes Decor Centre offers professional interior design consultation for every new homeowner. These consultations cover custom kitchen designs, tailored to the specific needs of each individual purchaser, as well as consultations on colour selections and Finishings for each area of the home. The centre answers all questions about the projects and the homes, and Anna offers professional advice whenever it is needed.

Anna’s Advice

First Visit to the Decor Centre

When asked if she had any advice for new homeowners, or if there were any materials she would refer new homeowners to, Anna stated that if a homeowner has any questions or concerns about materials or products, she always takes the time to discuss the different options, and their functions with the homeowner, and then she offers her opinion based on the style and preferences of the homeowner. This not only allows the homeowner to have their own personal style incorporated into their home, but it also ensures that they are receiving the best quality products with a professional opinion.

Your new home is ready to be decorated, and have your own personal style added with a professional touch. Now that you have some information about what to expect from the decor centre, you can look forward to your first appointment, and start making your house your home. For more information on interior design and decor, visit the Falconcrest Homes Website.

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