Falconcrest Homes strives to build new dream homes where families can grow and memories can be made. With 2016 upon us, let’s take a moment to have a look at New Year’s Resolutions for your home! There are always new opportunities to revitalize your home while making it more energy efficient.

What works and what doesn’t?

Even the most beautiful homes can quickly get stuck in a rut. Take a moment and jot down what’s working for you in your home and what isn’t. Amp up your home’s functionality with some simple technological upgrades that will make it more energy efficient, more organized, and more in tune with your daily living style. 

Energy Efficient Gadgets

2016 offers the modern home owner a myriad of high-tech miracles that will upgrade your home without renovations. Charging stations are a must this day in age. They provide a hub for all of your family’s devices, while reducing power waste. These smart gadgets cut down on phantom power—that common source of energy waste around the home that results from electronics being plugged in but not turned on. Charging stations will automatically turn off to stop phantom power leaks when your family’s phones or MP3 players are fully charged.

Smart power strips will do the same for your desktop computer and all its accessories—saving you money on the powered-down peripherals and riding your bills of phantom charge, and a smart meter will let you check all of your gadget’s phantom use!

The days of physically adjusting your thermostat are over. Not only are manual thermostats an outdated pain, they waste energy. Heating costs rise about five per cent for every degree above 20°C on your thermostat.

Programmable thermostats automatically adjust your home’s temperate, reducing heating at times when you don’t need as much. Some key tips to remember: most people are comfortable relaxing in their home at 21C, performing housework at 20C and sleeping at a nice and cool 16C. Falconcrest Homes makes your modern energy efficient dream home all the more convenient with incorporated smart home features such as USB built-ins.


The New Year is a time to letting it go and trying new things. Start with the kitchen pantry and keep any of your new year’s health resolutions in mind. Edit what you don’t use and re-organize to better display what you have, making it more accessible to grab when cooking up a family meal. A new year is an opportunity to cook up new and exciting varieties of food in your beautiful kitchen space.

The key to pulling off a modern functional kitchen is incorporating high-tech elements that help organize your life. Add an elegant refrigerator mount with an inner magnetic strip for a kitchen-dedicated Ipad. Access measurement conversions and ingredient substitutions, reference your bookmarked recipes and view cooking shows on your iPad with ease and organize all your family’s schedules.

Organizing is all about streamlining. Invest in furniture that does double duty as storage to keep last minute hosting essentials handy when guests pop by in the New Year. A stylish ottoman hides children’s toys and all those electronics laying around. This will give your home that beautiful tidy magazine look, while actually making it more livable.

Resolve to maximize that wasted vertical space in the New Year.  Add hooks to walls and in closets to get things off the ground and create more space.


Resolve to make more beautiful living areas this New Year that suit the winter season. Now that you’ve hidden away those floral patterned pillows until next season’s décor rotation, add season-appropriate style to your home’s decor. Upgrade your living spacewith some luxurious faux fur pillows and throws to fill your home with winter-esque extravagance to your dream home.  Replace your summer sheer curtains with some luxurious and lined drapery to better keep in the warmth.

Décor is not just about adding style elements but re-arranging the furniture. Reconcile flow vs function. Think about how you use your favorite spaces. Where do you walk through regularly? Make sure it’s not an obstacle course. Where do your family and your guests typically gather? Is it an inviting and comfortable area? Try out new layouts to find the most functional until it feels right.

After all, New Year’s resolutions for your home are about resolving to refresh your home’s function and beauty. Falconcrest Homes wishes to make your dream home a reality in 2016.

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