The sun is out, and the weather is getting warmer! This can only mean one thing: spring is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about your annual clean up! This time, however, instead of worrying about how to get the tidying and cleaning done, let us help you out with a list of some of our favourite spring cleaning apps.

Depending on whether you use an iPhone, or an Android, there are different apps for each type of phone. The following is a list of iPhone apps:

1.Cleaning Checklist

Are you a list person? If you enjoy checking things off a list as you complete them, then this app is for you. Cleaning Checklist allows you to organize your spring cleaning tasks on a per room basis, and check them off as you complete them! The best part about it is as you clean, the app will track the percentage of cleanliness you have completed. The app also features a built in reminder list for items you may need to replenish, such as cleaning supplies. The Huffington Post offers more information on this app.

2.  Chore Bank

Get the kids involved in your spring cleaning with this motivational app! The app itself allows you to assign chores to specific children, add a monetary value to each chore, and even deposit money into each child’s account. The app is only $1.99 and is available through iTunes.

3.Bright Nest

This app is a user friendly guide for the person who doesn’t know how or where to start. The app features tips on stain removal, organizational tips, and even crafts to brighten your home after you have cleaned it up. It is a free download for iOS users.

For the Android user, there are also many apps to help you out in your spring cleanup adventures. Here is a list of a few of our favourites:

1.Fly Helper

If you are the type of person who needs reminders, this app is for you! Fly Helper not only assists you with cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your house, but it will continue to send you reminders that you select. So, whether it is taking time for yourself, or picking up some cleaning supplies, this app has you covered!

2. Spring Cleaning Checklist

Why not involve the whole family in a fun day filled with cleaning? With this app, you can make lists for chores, supplies, responsibilities, and more! The app also features tips on how to organize a family spring cleanup day, video tips on how to organize your home, and the option of cleaning playlists to listen to while doing your chores. It is a family friendly way to make spring cleaning fun!

 Spring Cleaning Apps

3.Our Home

Divide and conquer with this app for the home with more than one occupant! With a network for sharing chores, it allows you to divide them up between people in the household, whether it is siblings, significant others, or just roommates. Because it is a network for sharing chores, everyone has access to seeing which tasks are finished, and which ones still need to be completed. This app is fantastic for dividing and conquering! You can download the app for Android or IOS by clicking here and selecting your operating system.

So whether you are living on your own, and can’t stand your own clutter, or you are a family that needs to complete a serious cleaning of house, there is an app available to help you with all of your spring cleaning needs! For more tips on keeping your house neat and tidy, be sure to check out Falconcrest Homes’ website!

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