backyard pool installation

Are you ready for your own private backyard oasis? Installing a pool is a great way to relax, cool off, get some exercise, and of course, make some fantastic memories as a family. But before you start, read our guide to backyard pool installation to decide which kind of pool is right for you!

Inground Pools

backyard pool installation

Did you know there are three types of liners for inground pools? If you’re thinking of installing an inground pool, you need to compare the initial purchase price of the pool, which varies depending on if you opt for fibreglass, concrete, or a vinyl liner as well as the lifetime cost of your pool.  

The purchase price is affected by three things: the size of the pool, the cost to deliver the pool to your home, and the cost of installation. If you enjoy DIY, you will enjoy a fibreglass pool or a vinyl-lined pool as there are many fibreglass and vinyl pool kits that you can install yourself. Of course, self-installation will significantly reduce the overall cost of your inground pool, but if you want to install a concrete pool, there are no self-installation options available. 

What’s more, concrete pools have the highest maintenance cost, whereas fibreglass comes in at the lowest lifetime cost, and vinyl sits in between. But, concrete pools are highly customizable, they look pretty, and they’re incredibly durable. That being said, both fibreglass and vinyl pools also look great; they are durable and energy-efficient. 

Semi Inground Pools

backyard pool installation

If you’re longing for a backyard pool, but your yard is making the design seem almost impossible, then a semi-inground pool might be the best option for you! Semi-inground pools are ideal for backyards with rocky terrain or yards on a slope or a hill. With a semi-inground pool, you only need to dig down about half the depth you would need for a fully inground pool, making it easier to install on any terrain. Plus, semi-inground pools can be more decorative because of the protruding sides that can be built into your yard, and they typically cost less than fully inground pools.

High End Above Ground Pools vs Inexpensive Above Ground Pools

backyard pool installation

Although above ground pools are the least expensive option, costs will vary depending on landscaping, durability, and size. Bigger pools cost more upfront, and installation takes longer. Moreover, the brand name of the pool will affect the price. For example, Doughboy and Kayak Pools are some of the best brands, so they’re the most expensive, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. 

If you’re looking for the least costly above ground pool option, you should consider an above-ground pool-kit that you install yourself. If you’d prefer a high-end above ground pool, you can opt for an extra-large deluxe salt-water pool made from a trusted brand. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of landscaping if you need to install a new 6-foot fence around the pool or a deck to access your pool.

Inflatable Pools

backyard pool installation

If you’re strapped for cash but really want to swim this summer, then an inflatable pool is the way to go! An inflatable swimming pool is easy to set up and take-down. It’s not hard to maintain, and it’s the most affordable. As a bonus, inflatable swimming pools use fewer materials, chemicals, and water, so they are eco-friendly and easy to manage. You can also move these pools from place to place if you need to do yard work. The main issue with inflatable pools is the obvious risk of tearing and the need to find a level area in your backyard. Overall, this simple option can be great for residential homes on solid grass with fenced yards!

No matter your budget or living situation, there’s a pool for you. Inflatable pools run as low as $300, above-ground pools can cost as little as $1200, and you can go as high as $25,000 to $100,000 for semi-inground or fully inground pools. The choice is yours! But with our guide to backyard pool installation, we hope the choice is much clearer now. For more useful information for homeowners, don’t forget to read our blog.

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