The City of Whitby, Ontario is surrounded by nature and the great outdoors. This ideal location makes it the perfect place to spend some of your summer days enjoying the outdoor recreation offered in the surrounding area! Here are some of the outdoor sports located close to Old Colony Estates in Whitby.

Multi Purpose Trails

One of the advantages of living in Whitby is how easy it is to find a nice nature trail to walk or run along. Whether you prefer a nice stroll along the Whitby Shores Waterfront Trail, or an intensive run or bike ride through the nature trails at the Heber Down Conservation Area, Old Colony Estates in Whitby is conveniently located within close proximity of a variation of trails for all of your outdoor recreation needs.

Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club

If you are craving action, excitement, and intense physical activity for either yourself or your children, then the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club is the perfect way to spend your summer. With both recreational and competitive leagues, the club offers extensive programs for people of all ages. It is also conveniently located only a short distance from Old Colony Estates, making it a simple commute for your family to attend practices and games.

Riding Lessons

Horseback riding is a sport that requires proper posture, leg strength, and confidence. Located approximately 12 minutes from Old Colony Estates is the Ajax Riding Academy, where you and your family members can learn everything about the art of equestrian perfection. Whether you enroll your children in a summer camp or host a summer party, horseback riding is the perfect way to enjoy a recreational activity outdoors.

Whitby Tennis Club

Whether you are simply looking to spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying the sport or if you are looking to become a professional player, tennis can be a great opportunity for enjoying the outdoors while getting an excellent cardio workout! The Whitby Tennis Club offers tennis lessons, leagues, and recreational sessions for people of all ages. Bring your family out and enjoy some friendly competition with each other while enjoying the wonderful outdoor sport of tennis.


The City of Whitby has over 10 golf courses within close proximity of Old Colony Estates; 3 of them being less than a 5 minute drive away!  Enjoy a day outside while working on your swing, and reserve a tee time at one of the beautiful golf courses Whitby has to offer.

Whether you are looking for an intensive cardio sport like soccer, or a leisurely day of golf with your friends, Old Colony Estates in Whitby is ideally located for all of your outdoor sports needs. For more information on outdoor sports near Old Colony Estates, visit the Falconcrest Homes website.

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