Give your home a Detox: 5 easy ways to declutter your home.
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Decluttering and organizing the home is often at the top of New Year’s resolutions. But the goal can be overwhelming and is often not achieved. Don’t give up on this challenging task. The rewards are well worth it. Your home will be less stressful, less dusty, easier to clean, and better for your family’s health. Decluttering and organizing your home doesn’t mean your home needs to be picture perfect. The goal should be to improve the space, so it is more comfortable for you and your family. Give your home a detox with these five easy ways to declutter your home.

1.Make a Detailed List of Areas in Your Home to Declutter

easy ways to declutter your home

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Christmas Table Decorations for Your Holiday Dinner
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Cheerful Christmas table decor brings the holiday spirit to your home. It can also set a festive mood as your family and friends gather together for a special meal. Whether your style is casual, elegant, or modern, the holiday table deserves your special touch. Add sparkle and joy to your holiday with these Christmas table decoration tips.

Natural Accents for Your Christmas Table Decorations

Decorating with natural, outdoor accents adds charm and elegance to your Christmas table. Natural decor can be found just outside your front door, at your local flower shop, and farmer’s market. It can be simple or extravagant; the choice is up to you. Here are a few ideas for adding outdoor accents to your Christmas table decorations.

  • Holly and birch branches tied together with red ribbon and placed in a thin vase is simple and homey
  • Tiny twigs of rosemary and sage scattered around your table adds beauty and aromatics to your holiday table
  • An arrangement of cut winter flowers, like the Christmas and Lenten roses or witch hazel with pine sprigs gives your holiday table freshness
  • Wheat stalks together with holiday ribbon and placed in a clear, tall vase are simple and cozy

Christmas Table Decorations

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The top places to shop for the Holidays in Newmarket, Vaughan and Bowmanville
Savvy Owner

Holiday shoppers will love Newmarket’s, Vaughan’s and Bowmanville’s many charming independent stores and upscale, top-rated malls. The vast selection of shopping opportunities ensures shoppers can find a gift for everyone on their list. Here is a list of several festive, top places to shop for the holidays in Newmarket, Vaughan, and Bowmanville.

Holiday Shopping in Newmarket

Holiday Shopping in Newmarket, Vaughan and Bowmanville

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Holiday Lighting Tips
Design & Decor

Festive, holiday lights brighten spirits and bring cheer to your home. Holiday lights are also a joyous way to greet your guests and get them in the mood for your holiday gathering. Before lighting your home for the season, a few simple steps can save you time, money, and distress. Consider safety and savings first, then start decorating. Here are a few holiday lighting tips to ensure a merry month of December.

Holiday Lighting Tips

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Your Winter home checklist
Home Improvement

Before the first big snowstorm of the year, prepare your home for the winter. It can save you money, protect your home, and make your property safe. It will also keep your home warm and cozy when the cold winds begin to blow. Here are six tasks for your winter home checklist.

1.Prepare the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems for Winter

Winter Home Checklist

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6 Decor tips for a cozy family room!
Design & Decor

The long, snowy, winter is right around the corner. As the days get shorter and cooler, families will spend more time inside. It’s time to make your family room a snug place for your family and friends to gather. Read on for six decor tips for a cozy family room.

1. Rich, Natural Colours in a Family Room are Welcoming and Relaxing

tips for a cozy family room

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Flooring for your lifestyle: Things to consider when choosing flooring for your home
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Flooring is one of the most noticeable features of a home. For the homeowner’s enjoyment, the look and style should reflect their taste. However, it is important that the flooring matches the occupant’s lifestyle and budget too. Flooring options each have good and bad points. By carefully evaluating your family’s way of living, you can determine a flooring type that works best for you.Things to consider when choosing flooring for your home include who lives there, how the rooms are used, ease of maintenance, and health issues of the home’s occupants.

Who Lives in the Home Should be Considered When Selecting Flooring

Things to consider when choosing flooring for your home

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Interior design ideas for an open concept living space
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Open concept living space in home designs has become popular over the past twenty years. Homeowners like the open floor layout because it encourages family social time and is perfect for entertaining. Parents love the open plan because they can go about their household duties while watching the kids.The lack of interior walls also increases views and natural light and gives a feeling of extra space. Creating an inviting and efficient space in an open layout, however, can be challenging. Below are four interior design ideas for an open concept living space.

1. Cozy and Functional Furniture Placement in the Open Concept Living Space

interior design ideas for an open concept floor plan

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How to throw a brilliant haunted house party
Design & Decor

Halloween is just around the corner. A great time of year for a haunted house party. Luckily, in the north, the chilly fall temperatures, increasing winds, and dark evenings are the perfect backdrop to a haunted house party. With a little planning, a host can create a ghoulish, scary setting complete with frightening decor, creepy snacks, haunting music, and fun activities. A host’s first step in planning a haunted house party is to mail a spooky, hand written invitation. Fun, mail delivered notes are much more likely to excite your guests than a facebook, or twitter invite. Here are several ideas on how to throw a brilliant haunted house party.

1.Greet Guests with an Eerie, Frightening Entrance to the Haunted House

haunted House party

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7 Things to do in Bowmanville

The historic community of Bowmanville may be small, but there is no shortage of fun and educational activities. Bowmanville’s heritage homes are also close to the north shore of Lake Ontario. The community is located 75 km east of Toronto within the city of Clarington. It is an easy commute for visitors from the big city. Whether you are a local or a guest, if you are looking for fun and engaging pastimes, consider Bowmanville.  Here are seven things to do in Bowmanville.

1. Tyrone Mills Limited – 1846 Takes Guests Back in Time

things to do in bowmanville

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