schools next to royal oaks

Part of what makes your dream home is the community, and part of what makes a great community is easy access to quality public schools. Luckily, you won’t have difficulty finding some of the best public schools just minutes from Royal Oaks. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of top schools in Oakville just minutes away! 

Dr. David R. Williams Public School 

A new elementary school built in 2020, the Dr. David R. Williams Public School, is located just two minutes away from the Royal Oaks development in Oakville. This school focuses on student support, interventions, and staff learning to promote a safe, healthy, and inclusive classroom for all students.​ They strive to build a positive place where students can learn, grow and inspire together! Student safety is paramount, and the convenience is unparalleled. 

Oodenawi Public School 

The Oodenawi Public School, established in 2015, has excellent reviews online. Plus, it’s only four minutes away from Royal Oaks in Oakville. This school ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​is committed to the principle that learning is a developmental process, and students proceed through the stages of development at varying rates. They are there to help with early recognition of learning needs to ensure students remain confident in their learning abilities for years to come. ​

Joshua Creek Public School

With current protocols in place, both remote learning and in-person learning are available this fall. Only an eight-minute drive from Royal Oaks, Joshua Creek Public School is an excellent option for your children. This school provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop safely and respectfully. They also foster a positive learning and teaching environment that supports academic achievement for all students and helps students reach their full potential. 

Forest Trail Public School 

Only eight minutes away, the Forest Trail Public School offers a tremendous French Immersion Program! Beginning in Grade 2, this French Immersion program will provide your children with the knowledge and language needed to succeed in bilingual careers. What’s more, Forest Trail Public School strives to inspire students to learn, grow, and achieve their full potential in a safe environment. They engage students through inclusion, collaboration, and purposeful participation, valuing the whole child and developing global citizenship.

Iroquois Ridge High School 

The Iroquois Ridge High School is home to a thriving community of learners. This school fosters engagement by responding to diverse needs, interests, and perspectives while nurturing collaborative relationships. They also work to encourage creativity and innovation and promote active citizenship and authentic learning. Plus, it’s only eight minutes away from Royal Oaks, making your commute a breeze.

If you’re thinking of moving to Oakville with your family, you’ll be met with a thriving community. As you can see, there’s no shortage of quality public schools less than 10 minutes away from Royal Oaks. Your children will have everything they need to succeed! For more information, visit our blog today.

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