Gorgeous landscape lighting for your home will not only enhance the beauty of your property but also provide safety and security.  And with the right combination of ambient and task lighting, creating a yard that is as beautiful at night as during the day can easily be accomplished.  When deciding where to place landscape lights it is important to keep in mind your views from indoors, the focal points in the yard you want to highlight, safety and security.  Also, creating a sense of depth throughout the landscape will add ambiance and personality to your yard. Here are several secrets to fabulous landscape lighting for your home.

Landscape Lights Should Focus on Several Important Areas

  1. Entrance pathways, sidewalks and front door. To guide guests and assure their safety install low-level solar lights along the sidewalks, stairs and side rails leading to the front door.  And, to create a welcoming look and help identify visitors, install wall lanterns on each side or the front door.  Wall lanterns also cast a warm, gentle light on the front porch and other outdoor living spaces.
  2. The garage door and driveway. A post lantern at the end of your driveway will guide drivers in the right direction. And, for safety and security install lanterns on each side of the garage.
  3. Highlight the flower beds shrubs, trees, and other focal points with low-level lights and spotlights; however, make sure you position spotlights to focus their beams away from yours or your neighbors’ windows
  4. Ambient lighting around social areas is just right for entertaining.  Illuminate your decks, porches, patios with low-voltage mini-lights, sconces or a spotlight in the branches of a nearby tree. For the grill area, install a recessed spotlight for bright task lighting.  Brighten pools and water fountains with underwater lighting, which will provide beauty and safety for nighttime entertaining or swimming.

Tips from the Lighting Experts for Creating Fabulous Landscape Lighting.

  1. Aiming the lights downward will create a diffuse, gentle light and give the effect of a full moon every night.
  2. Aiming the lights upward will create bold shadows.  For instance, if you aim the light up at a tree, you contrast the dark shadows with a bright light.
  3. Cross Lighting is when two or more fixtures are positioned to up light or down light areas. Cross lighting adds dimension and eliminates shadows.

Outdoor lights will improve the beauty of your landscape and increase safety and security.  For more information on secrets to fabulous landscape lighting for your home visit Falconcrest Homes.

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