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Our Step by Step Guide to Relocating to Durham Region
Community & Lifestyle

Relocating to Durham Region

Packing up your current life and moving to a new location can be a challenge, but it also opens up a new world full of opportunity and excitement! Durham Region is one of the best locations in Ontario for taking the next steps in your life, so to help you feel more even comfortable with your new surroundings, here is our step by step guide to relocating to the area.

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Our Favourite Places for Thanksgiving Shopping in Whitby
Community & Lifestyle

Thanksgiving Shopping in Whitby

Not far from the busy rush of Toronto is the smaller, quainter community of Whitby. The charming downtown area and variety of shopping options make it the perfect spot for you to enjoy the fall colours while checking items off your list and avoiding the busy crowds of the city. If you are searching for some shopping inspiration, these are some of our favourite places for Thanksgiving shopping in Whitby.

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To Do’s: Your Fall Home Checklist
Savvy Owner

Fall Home Checklist

Fall is the time to prepare for the upcoming school year and immerse yourself in the daily routines that shape your year. With summer coming to a close and the cooler fall air in the atmosphere, adapting your life for the upcoming season ahead of time will make the transition smoother. Make your fall preparations easier with this handy fall home checklist.

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Tips for Entering the GTA Housing Market
Community & Lifestyle

Entering the GTA Housing Market

The GTA is an area full of opportunity and experiences, making it one of the most desirable locations to purchase a home. If you are looking to buy a house in the area, staying up to date on the requirements for a mortgage and the current costs of living there are important. Make your move simpler with these tips for entering the GTA housing market.

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6 Ways to Make Your School Lunch Prep Easier
Community & Lifestyle

Make Your School Lunch Prep Easier

The lazy atmosphere of those long, hot days of summer are almost over and the anticipation for the start of a new school year is in the air. Start your busy year off on the right foot and prepare ahead of time for school lunches with these 6 ways to make school lunch prep easier.

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Construction Update: The Residences at Pebble Creek and Mulock Vistas
Mulock Vistas Townhomes in Newmarket

The Residences at Pebble Creek and Mulock Vistas

In January of 2018 the beginning phases of construction started for many developments in the GTA and surrounding areas. With the end of this year approaching, the Mulock Vistas and The Residences at Pebble Creek projects are well underway, and nearing completion. To keep you updated on the progress of these two sites, here is a construction update on The Residences at Pebble Creek and Mulock Vistas.

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How to Get Your Home Organized for Back to School
Community & Lifestyle

Get Your Home Organized for Back to School

With summer coming to a close and your vacation behind you, it is time to start thinking about preparing for the upcoming school year, as well as all the extracurricular activities your children may be participating in. Instead of feeling the end-of-summer blues, prepare yourself for the upcoming academic year with these tips on how to get your home organized for back to school.

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Outdoor Sports Located Close to Old Colony Estates in Whitby
Community & Lifestyle

Outdoor Sports Located Close to Old Colony Estates in Whitby

The City of Whitby, Ontario is surrounded by nature and the great outdoors. This ideal location makes it the perfect place to spend some of your summer days enjoying the outdoor recreation offered in the surrounding area! Here are some of the outdoor sports located close to Old Colony Estates in Whitby.

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6 Tips for a Small Edible Garden
Home Improvement

Small Edible Garden

With summertime weather comes the potential for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the comfort of your own backyard. If you have never planted an edible garden, however, you may not know what the process involves, so starting small is the best idea. Here are 6 tips for a small edible garden.

Choose a Suitable Location
Tips for a Small Edible Garden

When planning your edible garden, it is important to choose a location that will be beneficial to the growth of your plants, but also convenient for harvesting. Choose a place close to your kitchen or back door, that gets a lot of sunlight. Vegetables and herbs require full sun, so placing your garden directly beside your home is not ideal, because it will not be in full sunlight. Also, ensure that your garden receives plenty of water, and has the right type of soil, with lots of nutrients.

Plan Your Plot
Tips for a Small Edible Garden

An edible garden requires organization, so before you plant, choose whether you are going to plant in rows, or if you are going to plant in large groupings. Although planting in large groupings can require more weeding by hand, it is the ideal planting type for a beginner garden, as it requires less space, and is most often used in raised garden beds, or container gardening.

Start With Simple Plants

Tips for a Small Edible Garden

Although you may be excited to start a new garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables, if you are a beginner gardener, it is wise to start with plants that are easy to grow. Some varieties of plants are easier to take care of, as they require less maintenance. Plants such as carrots, some varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, and beans are low maintenance and can boost the confidence of any beginner gardener.

Test Your Soil
Tips for a Small Edible Garden

A new garden requires very fertile soil for the vegetables or fruit to grow. When planning your edible garden, ensure that your soil has the nutrients it needs, and test it for pH levels and fertility. A testing kit is the best method for determining how fertile your soil is, and will give you instructions about how to fix it. If your soil is lacking in nutrients, adding compost and organic matter to it can increase the nutrients.

Start Your Seeds

Tips for a Small Edible Garden

One of the simplest ways to ensure success with an edible garden is to start your seeds in containers indoors. Taking this step will ensure that when the seeds sprout, they are not initially exposed to the elements, or predatory insects that could eat the sprouts in their critical growing period. When the sprouts have grown to a decent size, take them out to your new garden, and watch them grow from there.

Determine Your Plant Hardiness Zone
Tips for a Small Edible Garden

While the idea of fresh oranges or sweet potatoes in your backyard sounds like a good one, Canada does not have the climate to support the needs of those plants. Before you choose what seeds you are going to plant, determine what hardiness zone you are in. This will prevent you from planting an entire garden that doesn’t grow in your climate zone. The Government of Canada has more information on the hardiness zones and what they mean.

Starting an edible garden can be easy if you know the important steps to take to ensure your success. Following these tips will help you decide where to put the garden, as well as how to plan accordingly, and before you know it, your family will be eating fresh fruit and vegetables, right out of your own backyard. For more information on how to plant an edible garden, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.

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Kitchen Backsplash: Mosaic Tile Vs. Natural Stone
Design & Decor

Mosaic Tile Vs. Natural Stone

The elegance and design of your kitchen is achieved through a combination of many factors, including how well your backsplash compliments the interior decor of the room. Though there are many different choices for backsplash, two of the current trending styles are mosaic tile and natural stone. Before you make your choice, ensure that you are informed about the benefits as well as the disadvantages of each. Here is some information on mosaic tile vs. natural stone backsplashes.

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