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What to Replace and What to Keep When Moving into a New Home
Home Improvement
what to keep when moving into a new home

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger place, or relocating to a new city, moving is an exciting milestone! It’s also the perfect opportunity to sort through your stuff and decide what to keep and what to replace. Not only can you cut down on clutter but you can earn some extra cash when you sell unwanted items. To make the decision process easier, here’s what you should keep and what you should replace when moving into a new home.

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6 Tips to Keep Your House Warm Without Turning Up the Heat
Community & Lifestyle
keep your house warm

As the temperature drops, your heating bills tend to go up. In fact, about 60% of your annual hydro bill goes toward heating your home. Fortunately, we have six tips that will keep your house warm without turning up the heat. 

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Landscaping Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home
Home Improvement
curb appeal

Potential homebuyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal. This means that your outdoor landscaping is crucial in preparing for the sales process! An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add a lot of value to your home. Here are our top landscaping tips to improve the curb appeal of your home and help it sell quickly.

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How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look in Your Home
Design & Decor

Lighting is a subtle but essential decor accessory in the home. The right style, shape, colour, and size of a light fixture, along with varying degrees of light and shadow, can give a home a designer look. With a few simple and inexpensive lighting tricks, every space, from the formal living room to the bedroom, can be transformed from a dull to a designer look. Read on for tips on how to use lighting to create a designer look in your home.

Natural Lighting is The Perfect Accessory to Any Room

Use Lighting to create a designer look

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Spring Gardening – Here is What to do in May
Home Improvement

Tending to your spring garden in May is a wonderful way to celebrate the lengthening days and the end of a long, cold winter.  Also caring for your garden in the spring is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful garden throughout the summer. Check out these four spring gardening tasks in May that will awaken your garden from its long winter rest: prepare the soil, clean up the garden, add mulch and plant new flowers and shrubs.

Preparing the Soil in May will Ensure the Soils Fertility

Spring Gardening

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4 secrets to a luxurious bathroom look
Design & Decor

A luxurious bathroom, whether it is a master, guest or powder room, is a tremendous asset and welcome pleasure to a home.  And, bathrooms are a great place to splurge on extra special features because they are a relatively small space in a home, which minimizes the material costs to upgrade. However, choosing where to spend and where to save in order to create a gorgeous, luxurious bathroom can be a challenge. Check out these four secrets for a luxurious bathroom look that will add value to your home and give you a wonderful place to begin and end your day for years to come: tile, mirrored walls, smoky glass, and five-star accents.

Create a Modern and Luxurious Bathroom with Floor to Ceiling Tile

Luxurious bathroom

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Five Tips to Create Your Dream Closet
Design & Decor

A dream closet is a sanctuary for today’s busy professionals to dress, relax and prepare for the day or evening. And while a dream closet should provide organized, trouble-free access to the occupants clothing, shoes, and accessories, the room should also be stylish, cozy, and reflect the user’s personal style. More importantly, a dream closet should be designed as a retreat to contemplate and prepare for a the new day or a special evening out.  Below are five tips on how to create your dream closet.

Illuminate the Closet with Decorative and Practical Lighting

Create your Dream closet

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