Blue Christmas

blue holiday decorating trend

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Blue in almost every shade imaginable is making an appearance in this year’s holiday decorating palettes. Whether it is a pale calm blue like Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year Serenity with champagne accents or royal blue or turquoise balancing out a metallic theme, we can expect to see all shades making a strong showing this holiday season.



Skinny Trees

Holiday Decorating Trends Skinny Tree

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens

Holiday decorators are embracing a more natural look using slim trees rather than traditional robust full evergreen in 2015. Thinner taller trees also play to a more retro theme of holidays past and give the dramatic height to your room without taking a large piece of valuable entertaining real estate that their chubby counterparts have occupied in past years.





Silver & Gold

Holiday Trends Metallics

Photo via: Harpers Bazaar

While metallic accents have been very popular for many years in holiday décor this year, they are taking centre stage and being used as a main colour to create a hot, neutral palette. Copper, silver, gold and champagne all bring warmth to holiday interiors. To complement a metallic focus accent colours in warm burgundy’s or emerald greens can add interest and contrast to your metallic wonderland.





A Return to Tradition

Holiday Decor a Return to Tradition

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In recent year’s traditional holiday colours such as reds, whites and greens have been on vacation from each other often appearing individually in holiday decorating but rarely appearing together.   This year they rejoin to bring memories of holidays past. White and red mixed create a peppermint twist type feeling with the addition of small pops of green in modern applications to bring perfect balance to traditional and modern holiday design.





Frosty Winter Décor

Frosty Holiday Decor

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Frosted ornaments and accents were popular in 2014 and again have made a strong showing in 2015. Frosty glass or acrylics can be used alone for an elegant monotone palette or can be mixed with soft pale colours such as the second Pantone 2016 Colour of the Year Rose Quartz, lavender, or spearmint as a  beautiful accent.


Glitz & Glitter

Glittery Holiday Decor

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens

This year glitz and glitter are found in both modern and traditional holiday décor plans with both designers and the DIY crowd. Micro glitter is as fine as beach sand is the newest trend and gives a smooth sparkly finish that reflects light creating a sparkling room. I will add a small word of advice; much like fine beach sand micro glitter will stick to everything even without glue and can be a trying clean-up. Prepare your surfaces wisely.




Black & White

Black and White Holiday Decor

Photo via The Washington Post

Black and white décor in design creates clean lines and contrast so why not expand it to your holiday decorating. While far from traditional this popular trend for 2015 is creating head turning holiday décor that feels clean and modern.


Natural Finishes

Natural Holiday Decor

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Decorations in natural woods and wood finishes accented with textured fabrics pay tribute to Scandinavian holiday tradition are very popular with holiday decorators. This Scandi décor works well with winter white backgrounds and monotone room décor to create a balance of warm and cool.

Retro Holiday Décor

Retro Holiday Decor

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With chalkboard art and accents still making a big splash in regular home decorating, it is not surprising that we see holiday décor embrace the same retro feelings with ornaments and accents reminiscent of years gone past.



Grey Holiday Decor

Photo via Pinterest

Grey is not only the hottest colour of the moment for home décor it is also the hottest holiday décor trend of 2015. While some may be hesitant to use such a strong neutral as their holiday decorating focus when rich jewel tone or metallic accents are added to the mix the results are a rich feeling holiday décor that no one will be feeling gloomy about.

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