The season of cold, dark evenings and winter weather is upon us, and your backyard is under a blanket of calm, white snow. Despite the colder temperatures, your backyard still has the potential to be an inviting location to host guests for evenings of winter festivities. Here are some ways to turn your backyard into an entertaining spot.

Replace Summer Furniture With More Durable Options

The harsh Canadian temperatures and the weight of snow collecting on patio furniture can rapidly diminish its strength and durability. To maintain your summer patio furniture, stow it away for the winter, and replace it with more durable options like wooden benches, or hay bails. Replacing your summer furniture will not only reduce the risk of ruining it, but it will also transform your patio into a winter entertaining zone, with a rustic, cozy atmosphere.

Clear the Snow

One of the most important factors to preparing your backyard for winter entertaining is to ensure that there is ample space cleared out from deep snow and slippery surfaces. Whether you have a large, open patio that will require snowblowing, or a covered gazebo that will require shovelling, ensuring the snow is cleared from your backyard entertaining space is important for safety and comfort.

Build an Ice Bar

Snow and ice can be a very useful factor when it comes to making your backyard an entertainment spot. Instead of looking at the snow and ice as a chore, or a disadvantage, embrace your creative side, and use the snow to build a bar in your own backyard. For a full tutorial on building with snow, visit this tutorial for building an igloo, and use your creativity to turn it into a bar. Not only will your snow bar wow your guests, but it will also keep your drinks cold while you entertain. If you do not have enough snow to build a bar, try making a wooden one out of pallets with this easy DIY tutorial.

Provide a Source of Heat

Whether it is a cozy firepit where everyone can gather around, or a propane fuelled heater on the patio, having a source of heat for your guests to warm up is an essential part of winter backyard entertaining. The cozy glow of either heat source creates the perfect atmosphere for all of your entertaining needs, while keeping everyone warm.

Light Up the Night

Nothing makes backyard entertaining in winter more cozy than some candles or twinkle lights, paired with the cozy glow from the fire. Make your backyard a magical oasis during the winter months, and invest in some cozy lighting for your patio, or your entire yard. The mystical glow against the snow will make your backyard feel enchanting, and leave you and your guests embracing winter in your backyard.

From snow maintenance to decorating properly, turning your backyard into a winter entertaining spot is simple, and can be worth the time and effort. For more information on turning your backyard into a winter entertainment spot, visit the Falconcrest Homes Blog.  

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