The cool, soft breezes of fall announce the end of summer and the beginning of the crisp autumn season. A superb time to upgrade your decor for the fall. The first step in updating your home with modern and cozy fall decor, is to declutter and remove summer related items. Fortunately, with just a little creativity and effort, and not a lot of money, fall updating is easy. Here are ten tips to update your decor for fall without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: Paint a Fresh Coat of Rich, Warm Color on the Walls or Accent Pieces

A fresh coat of warm, rich paint  will instantly create a cozy, comfortable feeling in your home. Fall colors, such as burnt orange, chocolate brown, and golden yellow,  will set a snug, fall mood in your home.

Tip 2: Curtains in Dark, Fall Colors will Transform a Room into a Comfortable and Inviting Space

New curtains in warm fall colors will create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.  Natural wood blinds will bring the outdoors, inside for the long winter. For windows with direct sunlight, choose thick curtains.  For windows without direct light, choose lighter weight curtains.

Tip 3: Accent Your Home with Nature

Decorating your home with items freely available in nature will instantly create a warm, snug home. Pumpkins, gourds, and holly and bittersweet branches placed on your mantel, front steps, and table are all good choices for setting a fall tone.

Tip 4: Enhance Your Home With Warm Lighting

Create warmth on cool fall evenings by lighting your room from multiple sources (floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, fireplace).  Also, warm-colored bulbs or ones that imitate daylight will instantly produce a cozy feel.

Tip 5: Inexpensive Pottery is the Perfect Way to Add Rich Autumn Colors to Your Decor

The beautiful, warm tones of pottery make it perfect for fall decorating; particularly when combined with nature’s accents – flowers, greenery, etc. Your local resale shops and yard sales are good sources for finding lovely but inexpensive pottery pieces.

Tip 6: Add Fall Ambiance and Aromas to your Home with Scented Candles

Sage, pumpkin, and pine scented candles are an easy and low-cost way to bring autumn smells into your home. There are many ways to display candles in your home:

  • Float a tealight candle in a clear glass bowl filled with water and small sunflowers
  • Arrange different height candles on a wood block, sprinkled with fall flowers and greenery
  • Place candles in a unique,vintage glass cup, jar or bowl

Tip 7:  Cozy Up with Autumn-Inspired Cushions, Pillows and Blankets

Comfy cushions, soft pillows and snug blankets in autumn patterns and colors will make any space warm and snug. These small, inexpensive additions to your home will invite your family and friends to relax and cuddle up together during the chilly fall evenings.

Tip 8: Beautify Your Home with Fall Flowers

Fresh, fall flowers are not only beautiful but can also increase the happiness and energy level in a home. There are many wonderful flowers available in the fall, such as sunflowers, asters, mums, zinnias, and roses.

Tip 9: Copper is the Metal for this Fall

Adding a splash of copper to your home will add warmth and sophistication to any space. Consider a copper vase, lamp, or art piece combined with autumn flowers and greenery for a perfect modern touch to your fall decor.

Tip 10: Change out the Summer Linens for Fall Colors and Patterns

A final inexpensive update for your fall decor is to purchase new fall tablecloths, napkins, guest towels, etc. Look for dark, warm colors like those in a sunset or pine forest.

For more information on how to update your decor for Fall without breaking the bank visit Falconcrest Homes.

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