Finding the perfect neighbourhood that has the services and amenities your family needs is as important as finding the perfect home. When researching and comparing neighbourhoods, having a list of all of the things you will need and want nearby, along with considering your lifestyle, will help you narrow your search in finding the perfect one. It will also assist in finding a community that will be sustainable and contribute to future home resale values.

Here are just a few points to consider when choosing and comparing communities.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

Having gWhen comparing neighbourhoods look at shopping and dining choicesrocery stores, restaurants and shopping close to home help make a neighbourhood attractive.  Home buyers look for ease in accessing shopping, restaurants and entertainment options. For commuters, having amenities close by to home can be a crucial feature. If you have to spend an hour on the road, you do not want to spend extra time in the car when you decided to stop out for dinner or a movie or groceries.

When looking at neighbourhoods, look for a variety of shopping and dining options along with looking for new businesses opening and investing in your community.  All of these things are signs of a sustainable and healthy neighbourhood.Schools

If you have children or if you plan to start a family you will want them to have the best education possible. The schools in your neighbourhood are an important consideration when buying a home. Even if you don’t plan to have children having a home in a community that has schools close by, and after school childcare programmes available, will help with the resale value of your home.

Access to Major Highways

Some communities are just easier to get to than others. If you commute to your office having a home that provides easy access to major highways is a factor to consider when choosing a neighbourhood. Having nearby highway access also helps maintain the value and attractiveness to future buyers.


Public Transit

Whether you use public transportation to go across town, or if you are using the GO Train, your commute shouldn’t be complicated.   When comparing neighbourhoods take a close look at the routes of your communities transit system. Are there are variety of stops close by? Is it on a main route or are transfers required? Is the train station within walking distance or a short drive from your home? All of these things can make your commute easier and less stressful.

 Parks & Recreation

Playgrounds, hiking trails, and pet parks are an important point of consideration when comparing neighbourhoods. Having a variety of green areas close to your home gives families convenient, safe places to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. If you prefer exercising indoors looking for neighbourhoods with gym options and recreation centres close to your home will be a focus when choosing your new neighbourhood.

Other features that may be important to you when choosing your next neighbourhood could be proximity to libraries, beaches, or medical centres. Every homeowner’s needs will be unique. Often, the best way to ensure that a community meets your requirements is to create a checklist of the points that are important to you. Prioritise the list and separate the features you can’t live without, and what features you might be willing to sacrifice. Two great places to research what communities have to offer are the Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Management Board. Both are an excellent source of information on what is happening in a neighbourhood and both will often have welcome packages to help new residents.

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