Choosing the right home is a major decision in everyone’s life. Whether you’re moving to a new city or neighbourhood, you want to ensure that your new home fits the lifestyle you and your family have created. This all comes down to picking the right floor plan because it will shape how you experience your home significantly! Don’t get overwhelmed though, because we have our top tips for what you need to look for when picking a floor plan!  

Size of Home

Not every family needs a sprawling estate to be comfortable and some families won’t fit well in a small two-bedroom home. When you set down to look over floor plans you should start by figuring out how large a home you need to fit your lifestyle. A good starting point is figuring out how many bedrooms you need for everyone (including any young ones you might have plans for in the future). Then look to bathrooms; will you have enough for any visiting guests that you have over? Consider the number of people you have coming in and out of your home and consider those needs.

What Is Your Design Style?

Every homeowner has their own design style that really speaks to them. If you’re looking to incorporate this style in your new home, choosing a floor plan that meets your needs is essential. If you’re looking for a traditional look you’ll want to look for a more compartmentalized floor plan where walls separate rooms. Or, if you’re looking to have a modern style, you should gravitate towards open floor plans that allow for the space that design requires. Furnishings and décor for these styles will also greatly impact the flow of your home so keep these in mind when picking a floor plan. 

Layout vs. Finishes

When you’re picking a floor plan you want to make sure you’re basing your decision on how the home flows and feels in regards to your daily activities. You don’t want to get swayed by upgraded floors, countertops, and appliances that are shown in the model home. A floor plan shouldn’t feel good because of the impermanent pieces that are in it. As a tip, imagine that the home is in a “stripped down” state with nothing on the walls or floors; then form your opinion from there. Instead of thinking “a nice carpet could go in the living room”, look for a living room that has a welcoming feeling right off the kitchen where guests and family members can easily chat.


While what we’ve discussed is primarily the rooms and layout of your floor plan, you’ll also want to consider furniture choices. Making decisions without considering the size of your favourite couch could lead to financial and emotional pain. If you decide to use your current furniture in your next home, make sure you take this into account when reviewing floor plans. Similarly, if you will buy new furniture, you will need to have an idea of what pieces will fit into what rooms. Be sure to keep in mind that over-sized furniture has a way of making your rooms feel smaller than they are.  

Ask For Help

picking a floor plan

You probably already know what you want in your future home, however, know that asking for help is always a great idea. A design professional or realtor can point out factors that aren’t immediately apparent. Things like energy savings/costs, possible affordability of mortgage payments, location to local resources like schools, nearby amenities, and maintenance are all factors these skilled individuals can give their guidance on

Trust Your Instincts

All of us have the ability to “feel” when a space is right and fits our needs. Listen to your inner voice and take your instinct into consideration when touring through floor plans. With so many styles of floor plans to choose from something is going to feel just right. If you have a family with small children, you may love that the master bedroom is housed amongst the other bedrooms. On the other hand, if you have teenagers, you may prefer the master bedroom to be separated by public spaces such as the living room and kitchen instead. Listen to what speaks to you when picking a floor plan.

Choosing the floor plan of your home not only affects how your living space will look but also impacts your daily household lifestyle. Be sure to pay attention to the size and shape of the plan, think about how you want to fill your home, and always be open to asking for help when you pick your next home’s floor plan. For more tips and tricks, as well as information about upcoming projects, be sure to follow Falconcret Homes’ blog series! 

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