Canadians love their coffee. In fact, in 2015 Canada ranked number 1 out of 80 countries for the amount of coffee drank at cafés and coffee shops (CBC). The good news for coffee drinkers is the International Agency for Research on Cancer recently reported that up to four cups a coffee may lower the risk of colon cancer. Luckily, for those living in Vaughan and Bowmanville, there are many great, locally owned cafés to grab a cup of java: morning, afternoon and evening. Read on for where to find the best coffee in Kleinburg, Newmarket, Woodbridge, and Bowmanville.

Charming Coffee Cafés in Kleinburg

Dolcini by Joseph

Dolcini by Joseph in Kleinburg is a quaint little café in the heart of Kleinburg where shoppers can enjoy coffee and handcrafted artisan desserts. Dolcini, located at 10462 Islington Avenue in Kleinburg, is the perfect spot for a good cup of java and tempting pastry.

Cookie Crumble Café

Cookie Crumble Café, located at 10480 Islington Ave, Unit 9, is a casual, warm, and inviting shop Kleinburg.The café serves soothing lattes, rich and aromatic cappuccinos, bold and flavourful coffee, and earthy herbal tea. It is also a full-service eatery specializing in homemade pies.

Quaint Local Coffee Shops in Newmarket

Covernotes Tea and Coffee House

Covernotes, located at 222 Main Street South, offers customers delicious food, local entertainment and the freshest coffee in the area. Covernotes imports their coffee beans from various countries in Africa. The beans are roasted to perfection in the Newmarket Roastery. Be sure to visit Covernotes for a perfect cup of coffee and entertainment.

Books Café & Things

Books/Café, located at 208 Main St S, is a café and used bookstore in the center of Newmarket. Books/Café offers a variety of food, coffee, drinks, and desserts. There is also a small ice cream parlour and an assortment of antiques, collectibles, and other items to browse. Come to Books/Café & Things to read, shop and share a cup of coffee with friends.

Inviting and Warm Coffee Cafés in Woodbridge

La Paloma Gelateria & Café

La Paloma Gelateria & Café, located at Piazza Del Sole 200 Windflower Gate, offers customers great tasting gelato with gourmet espresso drinks. Since 1967, La Paloma has dedicated themselves to the finest quality ingredients including fresh-brewed coffee and premium espresso drinks. If you want a good cup of coffee, be sure to visit Paloma Gelateria & Café.

St Phillips Fine Bakeries, located at 5100 Rutherford Rd in Woodbridge is a well known and loved bakery, gelato and coffee bar. Recently, in fact, St Phillips Fine Bakeries was voted the Readers’ Choice Platinum (first place) award in multiple categories – best catering, best cake decorator, best bakery, and best cakes and cappuccino. A trip to St Phillips Fine Bakeries Coffee will not disappoint coffee lovers.

Lovely, Welcoming, Coffee Shop in Bowmanville

Coffee and Cakes

Coffee and Cakes, located at 47 King St W, is in the heart of downtown Bowmanville.The established café has offered sweet, detailed custom cakes and rich coffee to customers since 2012. Take a break from shopping and stop by Coffee & Cakes in Bowmanville for a fine cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino, and a sweet treat.

Visit Falconcrest Homes for more information where to find the best coffee in Vaughan and Bowmanville.

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