Did you know wall sconces are a flexible, stylish addition to any home? These lights add a layer of flattering ambient light, illuminate areas where overhead lighting doesn’t reach, and make a stunning decorative statement. So with that in mind, here’s our complete guide to wall sconces!

What You Need to Consider Before Buying Wall Sconces

First, consider your existing decor to make sure your wall sconces match your style. Then determine how much light the room needs since sconces come in various shades and brightness. Don’t forget to factor in the size of the room! Wall sconces are great for smaller areas because they save space! Next, consider the height and location of your wall sconces and make sure heavy sconces are securely attached to the wall, so they’re always out of reach for children. If you’re using candle wall sconces, ensure they’re far from curtains and bedding.

Wall Sconce Styles

guide to wall sconces

No matter the style of your home, you’re sure to find a wall sconce that matches. Traditional wall sconces typically have ornate detailing, providing an upscale feel to any room. Modern wall sconces are sleek and often come in polished or brushed silver-toned metals perfect for a variety of interior design schemes. You can also opt for transitional sconces, which blend modern and traditional styles to add character to any home. If you’re looking to decorate a country house or lodge, you’ll love a rustic wall sconce, which comes in darker colours, distressed finishes, and animal motifs.

Types of Wall Sconces

Did you know there are five different kinds of wall sconce lighting? Uplight sconces project light upwards toward the ceiling, which is perfect for small spaces as they give the illusion of having a larger room. Up/Down Light casts light in both directions and is ideal for adding balanced lighting to any room! A candle wall sconce creates a warm and intimate ambience, making it useful in the bedroom. Then you have swing arm wall sconces, which are adjustable. These wall sconces are ideal for reading nooks, bedsides, and nurseries. Finally, if you want to showcase a piece of art or picture, use picture light sconces, which focus the light on one object.

How to Hang a Wall Sconce

Now that you’ve chosen your wall sconce style and lighting type, how should you hang them? If you’re using more than one wall sconce, make sure they are placed and installed at equidistant points. How far apart the sconces should be depends on the size of the room/wall and the effect you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to how high your wall sconce should be, keep in mind that upward-facing sconces should be approximately 20 inches from the ceiling while bedside sconces should be mounted at eye level when you sit on the bed. When using sconces in bathrooms next to the mirror, install them according to the user’s height.

So next time you need to add lighting to a room, skip the lamps and opt for some wall sconces instead! Don’t forget to use this guide to wall sconces as a reference for the perfect installation! For more home decor tips, read our blog.

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