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What to Look for When Comparing Neighbourhoods
Mulock Vistas Townhomes in Newmarket

Finding the perfect neighbourhood that has the services and amenities your family needs is as important as finding the perfect home. When researching and comparing neighbourhoods, having a list of all of the things you will need and want nearby, along with considering your lifestyle, will help you narrow your search in finding the perfect one. It will also assist in finding a community that will be sustainable and contribute to future home resale values.

Here are just a few points to consider when choosing and comparing communities.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

Having gWhen comparing neighbourhoods look at shopping and dining choicesrocery stores, restaurants and shopping close to home help make a neighbourhood attractive.  Home buyers look for ease in accessing shopping, restaurants and entertainment options. For commuters, having amenities close by to home can be a crucial feature. If you have to spend an hour on the road, you do not want to spend extra time in the car when you decided to stop out for dinner or a movie or groceries.

When looking at neighbourhoods, look for a variety of shopping and dining options along with looking for new businesses opening and investing in your community.  All of these things are signs of a sustainable and healthy neighbourhood.

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How to Use Accent Pieces in Your Living Room
Design & Decor

Your living room might be formal, or it might be the place where you entertain, relax and catch the big game.  Whatever its purpose, your living room furniture should reflect your style and accommodate your needs.   Often, when it comes to decorating, the choices can be overwhelming and sometimes we overdo it.  The result is a room that may not be as comfortable and welcoming as it could be.    Here are a few ways to use accent pieces in your living room to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere for you and your family.

Bring Drama to your Walls

Art and mirrors are great ways to create a chic and stylish living room.  A large mirror can be a statement piece that creates the illusion of more space.  Mirrors with dramatic frames or in unusual shapes are easily available, a great way draw the eye, and create excitement.  Art, while not giving the same the illusion of space, brings a personal expression of your taste to the room.  Photo walls and art collections help bring a room together and create cohesiveness.   Look for pieces that elicit fond memories or bring positive emotion to your living room.   One tip for using art is to keep it minimal and let the walls show your art.  Don’t overcrowd your walls and let it upstage the rest of the décor.

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More Reasons to Live at Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhomes in Newmarket
Mulock Vistas Townhomes in Newmarket

Falconcrest Homes recently provided an exclusive peek into what other fantastic features and finishes Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhomes in Newmarket will be offering. That is, if the proximity to major highways, GO Stations, recreation and shopping weren’t enough! The modern design appointments along with custom finishes and features have are only matched by the amazing location!

Smart Home Built-ins

Smart Home Built-ins

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In today’s technology driven world, finding a place to recharge can be a challenge. Falconcrest Homes understands and has included smart home built-ins with USB connections as a standard feature of your Mulock Vistas Luxury Townhome. Smart home USB connections provide convenient recharging without having to search for an adaptor. They recharge devices faster than computer USB connections, free up valuable electrical outlet space doubling traditional capabilities along with adding to the future resale value of your home.

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