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Using Pops of Color in your Home Decor – Just in Time for Spring!
Design & Decor

Spring is here.   The daffodils and crocuses are popping through the muddy, frozen ground, the redbuds are radiating from their branches, and the bright morning sun and the sounds of songbirds are slipping through your windows; awakening you to a new day. As springtime washes over the landscape with a rainbow of colors, consider reviving and refreshing your indoor space by sprinkling pops of color throughout your home.   A few hints to consider when adding a splash of springtime to your decor are to follow the 6:3:1 rule; room color accents should be only 10 percent of the room’s color.  Use fresh, uplifting spring colors, such as rose, pinks, lilac, light blues and green and buttercup; and, flow the colors from room to room. Also, use items that are easy, replaceable, and ideally inexpensive.

Below are five tips for using springtime pops of color to freshen up your home decor:

Add a Few Colorful Accents Pieces

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Five Tips for Getting your Garden Ready for Spring
Home Improvement

Spring is just around the corner; the days are getting longer, and the weather is warming up. It’s time for gardening enthusiasts to prepare their gardens for spring. Below are five tips for getting your garden ready for spring.

1.Clean up the Yard and Garden

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March Break Staycation

March (or spring) break vacations should be a time for relaxing, recreation and rejuvenating.  A time to get away from the stress of day to day work and school and have fun, positive family time.  Traditionally a vacation involves traveling away from home, which can be exciting but also exhausting and expensive.  An alternative to all the tedious planning and packing is a March Break Staycation: a vacation spent at home taking day trips to local attractions. Fortunately, if you live in or near Woodbridge, Newmarket or Bowmanville Ontario, there are many wonderful activities, events and adventures to fill your staycation week, regardless of your age and interests.

March Break Staycation Ideas in Woodbridge:

Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival

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Add Touches of Spring Decor to Your Home
Design & Decor

Spring is the time for rejuvenation–not just in nature but in your home as well. Once you’ve completed the tough task of spring cleaning, the pleasures of refreshing your home’s feel will make you and your family feel shiny and new. At Falconcrest Homes we believe your home should reflect the best version of you. With these spring decor design inspirations we hope to help you make your home into cheery and refreshed atmosphere to make even more lasting memories in spring 2016!

Bring The Outside In

There is nothing like using nature’s wonders to add touches of spring to your home.

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