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Upgrades for your new home that pay on Resale
Home Improvement

Building a new house gives homeowners a chance to create a home that reflects their unique style, specific needs, and true personality.  But, owners must be careful that the choices they make will pay on the resale, when the time comes to sell.  When choosing options for a new home, stay neutral, particularly when it comes to the higher end items such as countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. Personalize easily modified things like wall paint colors and cabinet hardware. Several upgrades for a new home that consistently pay on resale include the kitchen area, high-end flooring, lots of closet and storage space, quality windows and manufactured stone veneer or brick for the exterior.

Kitchen Upgrades

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Five Tips to Create Your Dream Closet
Design & Decor

A dream closet is a sanctuary for today’s busy professionals to dress, relax and prepare for the day or evening. And while a dream closet should provide organized, trouble-free access to the occupants clothing, shoes, and accessories, the room should also be stylish, cozy, and reflect the user’s personal style. More importantly, a dream closet should be designed as a retreat to contemplate and prepare for a the new day or a special evening out.  Below are five tips on how to create your dream closet.

Illuminate the Closet with Decorative and Practical Lighting

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April Home Checklist
Home Improvement

It’s April. Sunlight warms your winter-weary yard and shines through your home’s windows; spring is here.  Soon, this welcome sunshine will beckon you to declutter, clean and maintain your home so that it is ready for a carefree summer.   A good first step is to organize and upgrade your cleaning tools: buy a new broom, and a fresh bottle of cleaner, new gloves. Next, to help with the decluttering process, set aside two large boxes; labeled donate and sell.  Below is an April home checklist, to assist you in the task of preparing your home for warmer weather.

Your April Home Outside Checklist

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